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Tonight at 7pm a giant in the TV industry passed away. CBS anchor Walter Cronkite. He was known to many as Uncle Walter because he was part of your evening routine every night during or after supper you sat down to watch the CBS evening news with Walter Cronkite. He was the Anchor from 1961 until forced to retire because of his age in 1981. He still had many good years left. Walter delivered the news with the authority of someone who actually understood it. He wasn’t just a Handsome or Pretty Talking Head like most of those on TV today. He had been a reporter since WWII and covered every significant event including D-day, The end of WWII, The Korean War, The Cold War, The Vietnam War, The Kennedy assassinations, All of the important Space program items including the 1st Moon Landing, The Civil Rights struggle, the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Watergate, and all of the Presidential conventions and elections. He was once voted the most trusted man in America.  Unlike most TV anchors of today he reported the news, he did not give you his opinion of the news. That’s what made him trusted. There is no one like him today and there may never be another. Today the Anchors and the networks are more interested in ratings, and image. Hair is more important than what’s underneath it. Goodbye Walter, you sure will be missed.  Spiney


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