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As I watched the Presidents speech to congress tonight there is one thing he said that I have to give a big Amen to. We need to become a great innovator and producer of those innovation.  I don’t remember the exact context but basically he said we invented the Solar Cell, but now the leaders of this technology are all overseas. Our Hybrid and Electric Cars will be using technology that we buy or license from Toyota with batteries from South Korea.  We invent so many of the hi tech inovations here in the United States, and then we let other countries, mostly in Asia lay claim to them and make all of the money of them.  The VCR and the Laser Disk, predecessor to the CD and DVD were invented at the RCA corporation in Lancaster, PA.  Both technologies were then improved upon and perfected by Toshiba, Sony, Phillips, etc and then imported by the millions back into the United States.  While they made billions on these, the RCA company shut down the huge plant in Lancaster. A  facility that was once a large employer with good paying jobs. They employed many engineers, technicians, and skilled workers who made TV’s, closed circuit television camera, and the Laserdisk players.  Locally now close to where Spiney lives is one of the largest producers of lead acid batteries, the Exide corporation. They should be making the batteries for the Hybrids, and all electric vehicles. They have the technology and many hard working employees who are willing and ready to get the job done.  We need to become a country that produces hard goods again. We can’t all be paper pushers, or work in retail. 20 years ago our future was to be a service economy and an information economy. Now most of that is outsourced to places who will work for 1/3 or less than the wages of a US employee. Most have gone to India. All you need to do is call customer service to find that out.  I hope that the presidents vision of a new Green Technology industry comes to be. It could be our 2nd chance at an industrial revolution.  Hopefully if we get this chance, we will keep the jobs here.  Spiney


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To use and update a Bruce Springsteen’s song we have 357 channels and nothings on.  Bruce’s original was 57 channels and nothins on, an ode to cable TV.  We we don’t get out much here at the Spiney household so we invest in digital cable which gets us many channels, but not alas any of the subscription ones, or the one that has the movie or show that looks interesting.  Tonight we had a little age regression in the Spiney House.  The Mrs. and the Mother-in-Law both worked today after having travelled or had a busy day yesterday.  Spiney, yours truly did a little traveling today.  While it was a beautiful 60 + degrees, it was very foggy.  Also I had travelled much both before, during and after Christmas, so my pain threshold was low, my pain was high, and we were all tired.  Well when your a kid, someone tells you when to go to bed, and you resent them.  When your an adult, there is no one to be the voice of reason.  Your tired, your cranky, and on top of that you just had a very late supper of take out Chinese.  A bad setup indeed.  You then feel, somewhat justified that you deserve a little entertainment before you give in, even though you are tired and cranky.  A check of the regular suspects ABC, CBS, and NBC shows re-runs, or Sports, or the Sound of Music.  Personally I could have lulled into the alive hills full of musical sounds, but it was on until 11pm, and lights out was 10pm.  So I suggested we watch Mama Mia, light, airy, no-brainer.  I was shot down, the girls weren’t into a musical.  I then saw Paladia had Christina Aguillera concert on.  Looked good to me, “No Music was the cry of the land”, but I wanted to see it so I hit record on the DVR.  We had 20 things on the DVR that someone wanted to see bad enough at one time, so that they taped them.  But noooooo, no one wanted to watch those.  So disgusted, I turned the entertainment selection over to Mrs Spiney.  She was tired, cranky, wanted to watch something, but like a cranky toddler, nothing suited.  Then to top it off, we get a phone call from someone who wanted to talk, probably needed to talk.  But when your tired, cranky, and miserable the last thing you want to do is talk.  I tried, but gave up after 10 minutes.  Finally after wasting probably an hour the voice of reason called off the hounds, turned off the TV and said lets go to bed.  This made Spiney think about the origins of two great little numbers.  The previously mentioned “57 Channels and nothins on” by Bruce and “I want to be sedated” by the Ramones.  I could relate to both.  Why when we are fully emancipated adults do we not know when to quit?  Why do I hear so often I’m so tired at say 3:00 in the afternoon on a day off.  I reply, lets take a nap.  Not some convoluted ploy to get Mrs Spiney in Bed, just a simple let’s take a nap.  I can’t I hear, it’s my day off and I need to do something.  The Mexicans, or anyone else that is wise enough to take a siesta, my hat or sombrerro is off to you my Amigo.  You are smart enough and man enough to say Whens when.  And what is wrong with silence, music, read the paper, or talk?  I love entertainment, but if there is truly nothing on, why then keep searching, or worse watch a re-run, just to watch something.  Thank God cooler heads prevailed and we pulled the big plug and called it a day before I had to be sedated.  Can you relate?  If so drop us a note of how you and yours doesn’t know when to quit and call it a day.  Thanks,  Spiney

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