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The Obama administration is going out of their way to tell us that we’ve turned the corner on the recession. That by all indicators it’s over and the economy is on the rebound. And there are signs of that, the Stock Market has been steadily climbing for several months. Last week a housing report came out showing the home sales were up 9% from last year. Well 9% from an abysmal low is nothing to rave about, but they are up. So if all of this is true and we have only spent about 10-12% of the $780 billion dollar stimulus fund, then why not do the fiscally responsible thing and not spend the other 88%.

Just last week the administration said they agreed with the CBO or Congressional Budget Office that our national debt was heading towards a record $9 Trillion instead of the $7 Trillion the administration had held to. And while announcing one spending plan after another, the latest being “Cash for Refrigerators”, President Obama says he Will reduce the deficit. So why not show us he is serious about that and put the brakes on the Stimulus spending. The majority of the spending in there was pork to win over new voters or thank those who put him and the congress in power. But the President has said time after time he wants to work with both sides of the aisle, Democrats and Republicans. so here is a chance to win over the 50% who no longer support him. He could really make some points with those of us who are fiscally responsible and not spend money he / we don’t have for projects not really needed. After all isn’t that what all rational people do in tough times, tighten their financial belts, not open their wallets and break out those credit cards? In the Spiney household we have a budget and we stick to it, no matter how much we are tempted by Cash for my Clunker, a 91 Ford Ranger Pick-up, or Cash for my 25 year old refrigerator. In tough times I’d much rather have Cash in my Savings Account.  That’s Spiney’s view, what’s yours?


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I’ve been away at a funeral and out of touch. So I hope they haven’t approved the stimulus plan yet.  This is a non-partisan rant.  They are looking at spending over a Trillion dollars till it’s all said and done.  That’s more money than even Austin Powers could conceive of spending.  I didn’t vote for President Obama, but I like him and I think he could take our country in a new positive direction, if the congress doesn’t sideswipe him with same old Pork spending as usual.

If they are going to spend that much money and tax us and our children, and our children’s children to pay for it, then use it for real permanent good.  We have heard for years that the infrastructure of America is crumbling, outdated, and ready to fail at any moment. There are dams ready to burst, roads woefully too small and full of potholes, an electrical grid that shuts down when one suicidal squirrel jumps on a transformer, levies and dikes that are too low, and we’ve seen bridges and tunnels fall down and cave in.  Plus we need to create a new paradigm of future fuels and distribution networks for them. And put the kind of research into alternative fuels and electric vehicles, solar power, and wind power that we put into creating enough atomic weapons to blow up the world 1000 times over.  With all that real need, that can put people to work and fix problems, and build a better future… Why are we proposing to spend millions and billions on contraceptives (I know this is a stimulus program), sports stadiums, horse tracks, The Mayor of Harrisburg PA, my state capital wants millions to build 2 new hotels.  There are many hotels in Harrisburg with many empty rooms, pools, and discos.  We DO NOT NEED another Hotel in Harrisburg, yet this is where he wants the money to go.  There needs to be a board of intellectuals, future thinkers, engineers, people as diverse as Steve Jobs, Steve Forbes, Green peace,  Gina Davis who is a certified genius, Lee Iacocca, Caroll Shelby, Boone Pickens, Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Dr. Oz, Ross Perot, Al Gore, My man Ron Paul, Mit Romney, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and many, many more I can’t think of right now at 1:23am.  Make it balanced left center and right.  Bring in inventors and thinkers from all avenues of business and universities.  And bring in people from Chris Mathews,  Geroldo Rivera, John Stossel, and Bill O’Rielley to keep them straight and honest.  Bring it all out into the light of day, before the public before they commit to spending $1 of it.  We don’t need to spend all of the first $850 billion at once.  And we do need to make it count.  Look how fast both Republican & Democrats threw $750 billion into the banking system, and Auto makers and the economy is still tanking.  And while I’m thinking of it we can put in some projects like were done during the WPA of the New Deal in the 30’s.  Clean up some streams, plant billions of trees, bring back the plains and the buffalo,  create a new National Park or two, go in and tear down all the burnt out buildings and abandoned factories that scar our urban areas from The Bronx, Camden, Detroit, Chicago, LA and in between.  Revitalize some of those areas into greenways, or affordable housing that would be sold not given to people so there would be pride of ownership and upkeep. Get people out there laying fiber optic cable so there will be affordable broadband for everyone. Pay 1000’s of unemployed home builders and carpenters to rebuild New Orleans. Pour money into research for a cure for Alzheimer’s a disease that will bankrupt medicare, the same for cancer.  Send 1000’s of Deserving students who earn it with work and grades to school.   Train more teachers, doctors, engineers.  What I’m saying, What I’m screaming for is for God’s sake make it count.  Don’t piss it away on some congressman or woman’s favorite pet project that’s been burning a hole in the pocket for 20 years just waiting for this day.  This is our one big chance.  If we are going to do it the old school way and make a big old pork sandwich wrapped in Nancy Pelosi’s condoms then I pray it never sees the light of day and we make money the old fashioned way by not spending it at all.  A very fuming Spiney.

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