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The economy hasn’t looked as rosy as the President had hoped it would by now. The $870 Billion Dollar Stimulus package that had to be pushed through without being read was supposed to save 3 million jobs, or maybe even create new jobs. But the results have not been what was promised. For one thing there were supposed to be mostly “Shovel Ready” projects out there that would immediately create jobs and help turn around the economy. So the Stimulus Package was pushed through and signed in record time, because we would all suffer if it wasn’t. Well here we are 4 almost 5 months later. The latest Jobs report had the number of unemployed greater than expected. That pushed the national average to 9.5%. In several areas including California, Michigan, and Nevada it’s much higher. Some areas are as high as 19%. We’ve seen Chrysler and GM bailed out, only to go into the Bankruptcy we were told we were avoiding by bailing them out to the tune of over 25 Billion dollars. So now the President and his key economic advisers are starting to drop hints that we may need a second stimulus. If you ask me it was in the plan all along. There should be No talk of a second stimulus at this time. The President himself agrees that only 10% of the 1st stimulus has been spent and put into action. So why would we even be talking about putting America further into debt with a second. Give the first one time to take effect. If something is holding up the money or the jobs, then treat it like a wartime effort, find out what’s in the way and get around it. But PLEASE DO NOT put us deeper in debt just for the sake of doing something. I ask anyone who reads this to please watch the news, read the papers, and let your representatives know you do not want to put your country, yourself, and your kids further in debt. This will only make the USA weaker in the world, put us more in debt to the Chinese, and raise your taxes through the stratosphere. It is time to take away the government Credit Cards. What do you think?

Please let me know. Thanks, Spiney


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Dear President Obama and the Congress of the United States,

Mr. Obama you ran on a platform of change. The American people and the world have great hope in you, that you will govern in a new way, and take us in a new direction.  The Stimulus package now in congress will set the tone for your administration and a large debt for us and more importantly our children and grandchildren. Please do not let it be a business as usual pork fest for special interest and friends of the elected.

I know you have great vision for this country. You can use this package to steer our country into a new shining direction, just like President Kennedy did with the space program.  There are so many long term projects that can not only create real jobs, but change the future of the United States into a real renaissance path.
For years I’ve heard about our crumbling infrastructure and how old and in need of repair and upgrading it was. But the money was always too much. Well it seems to me a trillion dollars should be a darn good start.  We have crumbling roads and highways, bridges that fall down or are in danger of falling, a woefully inadequate FAA Air Traffic Control System, Dams ready to burst. We have areas that are way too dry, and those that flood much too often. We have an overtaxed electrical grid that fails every summer. Our broadband access and Hi-Speed Cellular system is behind much of the world. We have urban areas blighted with burned out factories and tenements. These could be cleaned up and turned into new Clean Industrial Zones, Educational Campuses, Affordable Housing, or Green Areas and parks.  With this much money and private investment we can get out from under the thumb of OPEC, build the infrastructure for LPG, Hydrogen, or Electrical cars. build the Hi-Speed railways that the Europeans and the Japanese have enjoyed for decades. Build the technology to safely use the vast reserves of coal America is blessed with. R&D for truly safe nuclear power.  With a portion of that money University R&D labs could come up with affordable Solar to put it on the roof of all American homes.  Find a cure for Alzheimer’s which will bankrupt Medicare.  Put aside the money to care for and make whole our wounder warriors who have served, suffered, and saved our country. Make the changes needed to make America an exporter instead of the world’s greatest importer of goods.  Not all of these projects require government money. They could be shared with private money, and a volunteer or paid Peace Corps to invest in their future and that of their country. There are so many projects that can change our future for the good and make your presidency the greatest agent of change ever. Or you can go down as an also ran, who in reality gave us the same old, same old while making us more indebted to those who would love to see us fail and take our place as the World leader, China, Russia, and the OPEC nations.

So please President Obama hold true to your visions, the ones I feel deep in my heart that you have.  Create a better future for your girls. And Congress would you like to get out of your status of having a lower approval rating than President Bush? Then do the right thing, hold President Obama to his promises, and do what is right for all of Americas future. Not what is the right thing to do right now to pay off your backers, friends, and to get re-elected.  If you do the right thing we will head in a great new direction and get out of this temporary slump we are in now. But if you blow a trillion dollars for the same old back scratchers, then may God, whoever you believe in save your soul.

And finally Americans. This bill is before congress right now. Call or write your representative and the White House. Tell them to do the right thing. And as Americans don’t stand there with your hat in hand looking for your piece of this pork sandwich. This isn’t pennies from heaven here. We are talking the greatest deficit of all time. This money is being loaned to us by the Chinese ultimately and will have to be paid back by us, our children, and our grandchildren. This is huge and you better wake up and be aware and concerned. Do not let this one be slipped by us without your input. Be responsible, be mad, and be active NOW for everyone’s future.   Dave

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