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Dear President Carter, I was at the DC Rally on 9/12 and I am not a racist. I had an African American who was my best friend in my wedding. I listen to inner city African American Preachers on my Christian Radio Station WDAC.  I have nothing against anyone just because of their color.

Even though I didn’t vote for President Obama I was proud of our country on January 20, 2009. I was actually a little ashamed that it took until 2008 for a African American to make it into the Presidential Election. I thought to myself here could be a new beginning, maybe my generations chance at a President Kennedy like experience. It didn’t take long until I realized that was not to be. I don’t dislike President Obama the person. I dislike his policies, the radicals that surround him, All the money he is spending, and the direction he is taking our country. I have often said I wish he was white, for only one reason, so it would be politically correct to disagree with him!

President Carter I could not vote for you because I was only 16. But I did support you in your campaign and I was at your inauguration. I felt the same chance for a fresh start after the heavy hand of the Nixon administration, and Gerald Ford, someone we never elected. Here was a non insider, plus an extremely intelligent man a nuclear scientist, and yes important for me, a Christian man. But then the oil crises hit and you told us to wear a sweater. You showed a weakness on foreign policy, especially during the Iran Hostage Crises. In the end I was glad to see you go. and while I like President Ronald Reagan, I voted for John Anderson in my first Presidential Election, 1980. I remember you as a weak president. Though I will give you your proper dues on arranging the most important Egypt – Israeli Peace accords. That you can be proud of.

I see a lot of you in President Baraq Obama as he makes one of his first moves as President a worldwide apology trip.

President Carter, you are a smart man, so please don’t make the mistake of wrongly accusing me and many others of being racist, just because we disagree with President Obama’s policies, advisers, and actions.

Sincerely, Spiney

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