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Well I hope to blog something every few days so as to not have a stagnant blog like so many out there.  As you may know from the about me info, I suffer from chronic pain and chronic insomnia.  well the insomnia caught up to me.  I fell asleep Monday Night around 5:00am Tuesday.  Today I awoke at 3pm!!  a good 10 hours.  I awoke in pain from probably having to pee for the past 3 hours.  But once up I had a good day for once.  I had a fresh mind and moderate pain, so I was able to accomplish some things.

Yesterday we had a young college student come over and rake our leaves because Spiney can’t do that no more.  He did a great job and we had massive piles in the street waiting for the street leaf sucker to pick them up.  The plan was also for him to come back on Wednesday and mow the lawn for the last time of the season.  Well today ( Tuesday ) we have had gale force winds all day.  Luckily the large pile is still there, but the yard is now filled with leafs again.  You can’t win.  I think I’ll just have him mow and mulch those leaves, that’s being green right?

The mail brought an unwelcome surprise today.  We had been traveling in New Jersey earlier in the month.  Today we get a notice of an EZ Pass violation, saying we ran a toll booth.  We have never ran a toll booth.  I drive like the proverbial old man in a Volvo station wagon no less.  We stopped and paid at every booth.  We had to they had gates.  I would have had to crash a gate.  The Mrs thinks they just randomly shoot the tag of an out of state driver and send them a fine.  Hey are you going to put up a big fight for a $25 fine.  When we already paid the $0.70 toll.  Well luckily they pissed off Mrs spiney.  When she gets mad and feels ripped off she becomes my pitbull.  She will call and fight with them.  She is not going to pay without a fight.  I’m sure we will end up having to pay, because we are not going to go back to New Jersey to fight a $25 fine, but we won’t go down without a fight.

Finally I need to rest up for a yearly trip to NYC.  My Wife and I owned a Photo Studio for 17 years. It was our calling and the love of our life.  For about 123 of those years we went to an event called Photo-Pro Expo East in NYC at the Jacob Javitts Convention Center.  Since my disability I’ve gone to 2 of them to keep up with the industry and to give myself a pick me up.  It takes a 3 hour bus trip each way. I take extra meds, a back brace and a cane.  The concrete floor of the convention center is hell on my after only 1/2 hour.  But being among my peers and meeting some of the biggest big shots of the photo industry for the day is a real high.  The adrenaline over rides the pain, until the ride home.  Then I bring back a months worth of memories.  I love the energy of NYC.  And it is the center of photography both in the USA and most likely the world. It’s the place to be if photography is your passion.  So on Friday I should have something to say about that if I still have the energy to write.  One of my biggest regrets in going to the Photo Expo is when we went in October of 2001 just a few weeks after Sept 11th.  The ruins were still smoldering.  We didn’t go down to Ground Zero, but many of our colleagues did.  I’m so sorry I didn’t, just to see with my own eyes the amount of destruction.  We went later that year, around January, but it wasn’t the same, it was much more cleaned up by then.  Well until next time, Spiney

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My real name is Dave but online I go by Spiney.  Why Spiney?  Well the last few years and much of my future has been defined by a big change brought on by 3 back surgeries and (1) neck surgery.  I have 4 levels of my lower back or Lumbar fused together with donor bone and held together with plates and screws. I have the same done to 2 levels of my neck or cervical spine.  So I am very aware of my spine 24 x 7.

I must give credit to Conan O’Brien, or actually one of his writers Pierre Bernard for the “Recliner of Rage” tagline. I use that because most of this will be written from my New La-Z-Boy recliner, I wore the old one out after 10 years, or my bed. That is where unfortunately I spend the majority of my days.

Because of this I am unable to work a job or better yet, run my own business like I did for 15 years full time and another business for about 8 years part time. So I have a lot of time on my hands.  I’m in chronic pain and have serious sleep issues so the time I have can be an hour here, there, or mostly in the middle of the night when pain and insomnia are my pals. I’m an info junkie.  always have been, but today there are so many more sources.  The Net, cable news, NPR, XM, BBC, a slew of monthly magazines, Borders when I can get there, and the occasional newspaper.  I also watch The History Channel, History International, the cable channel owned by Al Gore and Steve Jobs: Current, the Science and Discovery channels. Yes I do interact with humans when possible, but I don’t get out much, so it’s mostly my Wife and family. Oh I also moderate a Neck and Back Pain Yahoo group.

What I hope to accomplish here is to say the things I would say to people if there were intelligent people to discuss this with.  Things I yell at the TV about, or talk my wife, or cat, or who ever will listen. I hope someone reads this and I encourage response. Thanks for listening, Spiney

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