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I attended the viewing on Tuesday and the Funeral tonight for Ian Hinkle, my cousins son who passed away suddenly from complications of N1H1.  At the viewing there was an endless stream of teenagers, all crying both the boys and girls. Someone made the comment that you could see fear on their faces as they waited to walk pass the casket. There was a line from 5pm until 9pm and this is a small town. I believe almost everyone from the high school attended. His long distance girlfriend who he met online drove in all the way from Indiana. This is the first time they saw each other face to face.

Tonight was the funeral which was more a celebration of life service. There was a chorus from his high school, a band calling themselves “Ian’s Angels” and an acoustic guitar duo who wrote a song for him. The band played a spot on version of “I wish you were here” by Pink Floyd. Everyone lost it at that point. It ended with a power point presentation to honor him that his classmates put together. It included accolades from the kids and the staff at his school.  There were also about 15 kids who got up and gave personal testimony to their relationship with Ian. It was beautiful. Everyone said he was the greatest kid who never said a bad thing about anyone, and who would go out of his way to help everyone. Also that he put 110% into everything he tried from sports to music, to academics. My cousin, his father said tonight that the only thing that keep him going is the thought that God must have some higher purpose for Ian. Many of the kids said that this made them realize they need to put away the petty differences and look at the big picture. That they will be better people to honor him.

I wish I had known him more. I only really met him and clicked with him this past September. We had much in common. He loved the drums and history. He wanted to be a history major. We could have talked for hours.

They had him cremated because they wanted him at home, not in the ground. In fact his Dad, Mom, and sister all got a locket with a little bit of his ashes in it, to hold next to their heart.

I’ve been to many, many funerals. I have to go to another one tomorrow at 9am. I’ve seen people taken before their time, My Mom included, but this was the most touching and saddest I’ve ever been to. But also the most heartfelt and lovingly remembered.

After seeing the outpouring of love from his friends and classmates his father got up and said through choked back tears “I have been feeling totally lost and hopeless over this, but this tonight gives me some hope, Thank you all.”

Last, in a selfish way, or soul searching way it made me think, “Who would be there for me, and what would they say?” I need to get out there and touch more lives and be more positive. Since my injury I have been in a self imposed exile. The internet makes it easy to think you are well connected, but in reality your not.

I certainly left feeling I wish I had known him better.  Spiney

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You need to photograph those you love no matter how adamant they are against it.  And have Them photograph You .  I just came from a funeral.  A sad event a father and husband cut down in his prime.  He was a very involved Father of twins,  a husband, a Son, a  Brother, an Uncle, a Friend and a prominent member of the community. In his later years I’m sure he was self conscious, because of a medical condition he looked obese, but was not, he had kidney failure and other issues that just made him look that way.  At the funeral his family took the time to make up 2 very nice display collages about 20×24 each with snapshots, professional portraits, newspaper pictures showing how involved he was. You saw him with his children from birth through college. They are both in the 4th year of college and in the middle of mid-terms when their father became ill and hospitalized for 54 days. These display boards showed to all of us what we already knew, how loving and involved he was, and it was all documented there to help us remember, now that he is gone. I was proud to see an image there I did of Him, his Mom, and his Brother with my 1953 Rollieflex and an off camera Metz.  My Wife and I have been together for 19 years now. I have very few pictures of her.  She does not like to be photographed, is never happy with where she is at in her eyes, though I love her much and think she is very beautiful. In the old film days she would look through pictures I took and literally tear them up. Now in this digital age she wants me to delete them.  And While I have many pictures of my daughter, and thousands of strangers, there are very few of me. It’s the old shoemaker has no shoes problem. ( I was a pro photographer for 15 years)  Ladies How many of you are guilty of not wanting yourself photographed.  How many photographers out there have few photos of themselves, especially snapshots.  Well my wife and I had a discussion on the way home.  I told her I would no longer stand for her not wanting to be photographed. It is a very selfish position that robs me of memories, God forbid if anything were to happen.  And I recently bought her a Kodak P&S at an after Christmas sale.  I told her I expect her to start taking snaps of me.  In the end this is all we have.  This poor man had deteriorated so bad during the 54 days that they had to have a closed casket.  Thank God he was a Bank President and had a very nice professional portrait to display on top of his casket.  So please don’t be selfish or inatentive.  Photograph all of your loved ones, especially your spouse, even in the morning before they make themselfs beautiful, and Spouses photograph your photographers so your not left without precious memories. It’s not too late.  Start right now!   Peace be with you,  Spiney-Dave

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