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You need to photograph those you love no matter how adamant they are against it.  And have Them photograph You .  I just came from a funeral.  A sad event a father and husband cut down in his prime.  He was a very involved Father of twins,  a husband, a Son, a  Brother, an Uncle, a Friend and a prominent member of the community. In his later years I’m sure he was self conscious, because of a medical condition he looked obese, but was not, he had kidney failure and other issues that just made him look that way.  At the funeral his family took the time to make up 2 very nice display collages about 20×24 each with snapshots, professional portraits, newspaper pictures showing how involved he was. You saw him with his children from birth through college. They are both in the 4th year of college and in the middle of mid-terms when their father became ill and hospitalized for 54 days. These display boards showed to all of us what we already knew, how loving and involved he was, and it was all documented there to help us remember, now that he is gone. I was proud to see an image there I did of Him, his Mom, and his Brother with my 1953 Rollieflex and an off camera Metz.  My Wife and I have been together for 19 years now. I have very few pictures of her.  She does not like to be photographed, is never happy with where she is at in her eyes, though I love her much and think she is very beautiful. In the old film days she would look through pictures I took and literally tear them up. Now in this digital age she wants me to delete them.  And While I have many pictures of my daughter, and thousands of strangers, there are very few of me. It’s the old shoemaker has no shoes problem. ( I was a pro photographer for 15 years)  Ladies How many of you are guilty of not wanting yourself photographed.  How many photographers out there have few photos of themselves, especially snapshots.  Well my wife and I had a discussion on the way home.  I told her I would no longer stand for her not wanting to be photographed. It is a very selfish position that robs me of memories, God forbid if anything were to happen.  And I recently bought her a Kodak P&S at an after Christmas sale.  I told her I expect her to start taking snaps of me.  In the end this is all we have.  This poor man had deteriorated so bad during the 54 days that they had to have a closed casket.  Thank God he was a Bank President and had a very nice professional portrait to display on top of his casket.  So please don’t be selfish or inatentive.  Photograph all of your loved ones, especially your spouse, even in the morning before they make themselfs beautiful, and Spouses photograph your photographers so your not left without precious memories. It’s not too late.  Start right now!   Peace be with you,  Spiney-Dave


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Well I made it to the Photo-Pro Expo in NYC again this year.  I went with a family friend who use to help us at our studio.  Her name is Nancy and she now does professional photography on the side, so she was very excited to go.  My Day started at 6:15am.  We were to meet at 7:00 am and then drive from Reading to the Dorney Park area of Allentown to catch the bus.  We saved about $18 each by picking up the bus there, instead of Reading.  We made the bus by the skin of our teeth. I got stuck behind a very slow tractor trailer and lost time that way.  Then I passed the bus turn off and had to go a mile up the road and turn around.  We got there about 2 minutes shy of the bus pulling out.  The bus was filled with people who make the trip daily to NYC to work.  They get on and try to sleep for the 2 hour run.  Well Nancy had not seen me in a few months and was excited about the trip, and to catch up on news.  We talked quiet, but I guess not quiet enough.  There was a girl in her twenties in front of us who seems very annoyed with us.  Also the window at our seat squeaked very bad and loud.  So regular commuters do not like tourist.  We caught the bus at 8:00am and arrived in the Big Apple at 10:10 am exactly on time.  From there it was a few block walk from the Port Authority on 9th ave to the Javitts Center on 11th.  It was a beautiful crisp fall day.  We arrive at the show and I quickly ditched my sweatshirt. It was quite warm in the convention center.  Despite the fact that it was warm, there were many who felt it was better to look good than to feel good.  Many girls and guys sporting knee high boots, leather jackets, and scarfs.  I was sweating bullets just looking at them.  Despite hearing nothing but how tight credit is for weeks, the first booth we encountered in the show was a man from American Express trying to sign us up for a line of credit, and a $250 signing bonus. Since many reading this may not be interested in photography I’ll sum it up that it was a Mecca for all things photography, and you could touch, feel, and learn about every new camera and other gear all in one place.  I went there willing to spend $300 on a small digital point & shoot, so I don’t have to carry my heavy Digital SLR when I travel.  But after seeing them all, the one that really fits my needs is $499, so I need to save more sheckles before I make that purchase.  But now I know what I need and want, so that made the trip worth it.  After only 1/2 hour on the convention floor my back was killing me.  Places to sit were few and far in between.  Just as I was getting into the groove of the show, my friend asked the inevitable question where and when are we going to eat.  Up until that point I had survived on pretzels, diet Sierra Mist, and a blueberry muffin on the bus.  But it must be a woman thing because had my Wife been along she would have asked the same thing.  I didn’t want Nancy to get sick or a headache from not eating so we searched for a place to eat.  We asked around and the closest places to eat were several blocks away, or street vendors so we went into the basement cafeteria for overpriced, undercooked food.  I got a burger and fries for $8.50.  Nancy got some kind of wrap, and upon seeing my fries also decided on fries.  My burger was good but very undone in the center.  The fires weren’t bad but gave me a sore tongue from their high salt content.  We did a few more hours taking in the booths, and some seminars and it was time to go home. As we left the center we had a close encounter with a TV actor who also happens to be a photo enthusiast. It was Joe Regalbuto who played Frank Fontana on Murphy Brown. We spent a few minutes deciding do we eat or just head home.  We decided to grab something at the Port Authority and catch the 6:00pm bus home so we wouldn’t be too late.  Good move, the bus should have got home at 8:10pm but there were accidents and just lots of congestion and we lost and hour at least getting back.  We had an annoying lawyer sitting behind us who would call someone who was to pick him up in PA and give them an update on how we were very late because of the “stupid people who don’t know how to drive in NJ”  We heard this at least 8 times.  If he was such a high powered lawyer he should have his own car and not be sitting in a bus!  By the time I got to our car I was about crippled from the bus drive and the convention floor, but still glad I went.  Nancy and I both commented on how we would like to live in NYC for 1-3 months just to get a feel for what it’s like to live there, and explore all the places you want to, but never get the time. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, explore central park, and just explore and photograph all of the areas like the village, Chelsea, the other boroughs etc.  And the places you never have time for like the Moma, the zoo, the library, and more that I can’t think of right now.

The next day I was supposed to go to New Jersey for 2 days for my nephews confirmation.  My Wife saw how exhausted I was and gave me a pass.  It was a good thing because I was a zombie for the next 24 hours. I just slept and then drifted in and out of consciousness.  Plus I treated myself with ice packs and my massaging La-z-boy chair.  Even today, Saturday I was only a little better.  A trip like that takes a lot out of old Spiney.  So that’s NYC Photo Expo for 2008.  I’ll look over all the literature I brought back, and dream of my next purchase and how exciting it was to have been a Pro Photographer for 17 years.  Till next time, Spiney

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