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I think it is time to ban the plastic shopping bag. I’m not a green freak but I do my part. As I travel around the largest percentage of trash I see on the roadside, in the woods, and today on the beach are damn plastic shopping bags. The type they give you at convenience stores and everywhere else. While driving down the highway they are everywhere, hanging from trees and on the roadside. I’m always quick to say I don’t need a bag if it’s for one or two items. At the grocery store we now use the cloth bags. I bought about 10 or more, they are only 99 cents.

I think they should pick a date and outlaw plastic bags. Other countries have already. Require everyone to bring their own cloth bag, box like they do at Sam’s Club or something. If you don’t do that, then you buy another bag. Eventually you’ll get wise and bring a bag. The plastic ones are useless. Two 2 liters and they break open.

There is a downhill race buy the local supermarkets, in our area Giant, Weis & Redners to see who can make the thinnest, cheapest bag. Redners wins hands down. They truly suck. I think in the interim instead of giving you a rebate if you bring a cloth bag, they should charge a premium of say 50 cents per bag for each plastic bag you use. Do you still use plastic bags? If you agree or disagree, please comment. I would like to know what YOU think.  Spiney

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