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Spiney hasn’t written in a few months. Mainly because I got tired of blogging about politics. The more I watch the news and read blogs like my friend Wes at The Humble Libertarian the more I feel hopeless and that all politics is dirty. But this week  the non-stop Health Care Reform coverage has really got my goat.

We are in the worst economic conditions since the great depression. No one disagrees with this. Because of the Trillions spent on the Stimulus bill, money spent to buy into GM, Chrysler, The Tarp money spent to shore up Wall Street, etc our country’s deficit is at the highest it has ever been.  This administration has spent more in their first year, than was spent by all administrations up until now, including WWII. Our country is on the verge of bankruptcy and Moody’s Financial has said that our credit rating will be lowered for the first time ever!

For years we have been warned that Social Security and Medicare will be bankrupt in a few years. So now we will add on top of the an estimated $980 billion dollar program. A program that adds 153 new governmental  agencies.  Governmental agencies add no productivity to the economy, they just make work and drain money from the taxpayers, that’s you. This new Healthcare plan also cuts $580 Billion dollars from Medicare. This will effect our senior citizens who are already strapped paying for medical cost. So how does this help them?

We are being told that this new Health Care Plan will reduce our deficit by $120 billion dollars after 10 years, and even more after 20 years. These numbers are estimates by the CBO the Congressional Budget Office. But they are estimates. How can they really predict what is going to happen in 10 and 20 years. No one in the government saw our recent financial collapse coming, even those agencies whose job it was to keep an eye on all of our financial institutions. With that collapse we lost Trillions of dollars, and with the loss in tax income from people without jobs and homes without owners several of our largest states and cities are in financial ruin. California hands out IOU’s to it’s suppliers and constituents.  And it has now come out that 11 states will  not be able to send out State Income Tax Returns. It’s your money but they don’t have it to give back to you. Most say it will take until August until you get your tax return.

The U.S. Government is telling you that they know better how to run Health Care than the business sector. They also said they could run the Postal Service which is in Bankruptcy. They are going to cut out Saturday delivery very soon. They also said they could run Amtrak the federal passenger rail service. Amtrak loses money hand over fist every year. Every year it needs a financial bailout from the government to keep it running.  And compared to the rest of the Western World we have the slowest trains in the world. Plus despite all of your money the Government gives to Amtrak have you ever bought a ticket for one of their trains, very expensive. No wonder people still drive their cars instead of riding the rails.

In this bill they propose to cut payment to Doctors for Medicare patients by 20%.  Doctors are already less than thrilled to treat Medicare patients.  Many now say they will drop out of the program with these cuts. This program will put 30 million more people on the Medicare system with less doctors to treat them. Have you waited in your Doctors waiting room lately, or called for an appointment and told they will see you next week. Or worse yet, have you ever had to sit in the ER. An average wait when I go is at least 2 and as much as 4 hours to be seen, and as much as 9 hours to get out. Think about how much more this will go up when 30 million more people have access.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m the first to agree that the current system doesn’t work. If you happen to have good health insurance it’s the best.  But I’ve been on the other side. I’ve gone broke paying for health care.  Both my Wife and myself have health issues. I have Chronic pain from 4 back surgeries and many doctors visits a year. My wife suffers from chronic and almost constant migraines. Because of her migraines we visit the ER and doctors often. My Wife and I also owned our own business for 15 years. One of our largest monthly expenses was health insurance. In the end in 2005 we were paying over $1200 a month for health insurance. That was just for 2 adults. There needs to be affordable coverage for the neediest among us, and health insurance cost need to be made more affordable and their constant increases kept in check.  This can be done through competition. Right now I am limited to buying health insurance to a few companies within my state of PA. And the big player who sets their prices wherever they want in this state is Capital Blue Cross. It is the same way in almost every state, if not every state. If insurance companies from all over the country could compete in every state the competition would drive the price down, just like it does in every other field.

The Government could have an option for the neediest, and those of us who can afford insurance can buy their insurance through private firms at competitive prices.  The other thing that needs to be done to keep health care cost down is everyone who can afford health care must carry at least catastrophic coverage. That way hospitals won’t have to pickup the cost for those who can not pay. And when they do it gets passed on to all of the rest of us. There are many who say they can’t afford health insurance and want the government to provide it for them. But on the other hand they really choose to buy other things instead of paying for health insurance. They have cool tricked out cars, the latest electronics, and go on expensive vacations. All the time the roll the dice saying that they are healthy and not worried. But then they could have an accident, that’s why they are called accidents, or worse an unexpected disease or major health care. Even simple appendicitis will set you back several thousand.  And how many couples find their selves in an unintended pregnancy.  Again you are talking a few thousand dollars, and that’s if everything goes well.

When we are in an extended depression, with high unemployment that is predicted to last, this is not a good time to add an almost trillion dollar program to the government. One that will admittedly create new tax burdens for business. Businesses that are already hurting and just hanging on.

If this Health Care Bill is so wonderful and such a no brainer why has the deadline been moved almost a year. Why must there be so many special backroom deals cut to exempt a few states from the Medicare cuts in order to get the votes from that senator or congress person. Also why now are they not even willing to take an up and down vote, on the record to pass or fail this bill. Instead they are now looking to use the Deemed function, which I admit I don’t totally understand, but they will basically pass or fail it with one vote Yes or No with no individual record. They don’t want this record because they are all up for election in November.

Why to a feel a need to blog this and why am I concerned. It’s this, we are going to create another huge government bureaucracy. These never work out good. They always end up costing much more than they were ever estimated at. In the beginning all are supposed to be big money savers. I challenge you to find one government program that actually saves us money. And you are talking 1/6 of our economy. We don’t make anything in America anymore we just service things. and Healthcare is one of the biggest. Again I agree we need reform, but this isn’t it. It’s 3000 pages of new laws that those who are pushing it don’t even know what’s in it.  Nancy Pelosi speaker of the house stated this week that we will have to pass the bill to see what’s in it. Now isn’t that something, pushing a bill that you don’t even know what is in it. That’s what scares Spiney. What do you think?

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I woke up to shocking news this morning. My cousin’s 16 year old son, Ian died of the swine flu. He was a strong, healthy 16 year old. I had just talked to him last night via email about playing the drums. He was bummed because he couldn’t play this week because he was sick.

I tried to get a regular seasonal flu shot this week. In fact I’ve tried for the past two weeks. No one has them available. The local Sam’s club had what was a very limited supply this morning. They ran out in 10-15 minutes and throngs were turned away.

Every day we are warned on the TV, radio, net, newspapers of the coming pandemic and we better get our flu shot. Yet there are none to be had. Because of some screw up at the lab they had to destroy a large batch of seasonal flu vaccine. And the manufacturing of the H1N1 is going much slower than they think.

This is coming from the same government that wants to take over the health care industry. They feel they can do it better than the free market. Yet the swine flu and seasonal flu shots are coordinated by the CDC, the Center for Disease Control. If they can’t get this right, and they have seen it coming for at least 2 years, how can they take over the whole health care industry?

This blog entry is dedicated to Ian Hinkle, age 16 of Weatherly, PA.

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After busting on Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol for the past year. Saying Sarah looked like a slutty stewardess, and joking about A-rod of the NY Yankees knocking up her daughter it is good to see him get a taste of his own medicine last night. He confessed to multiple sexual affairs with multiple female employees because he was responding to a blackmail charge. He made a joke out of it, but here a married man with a child confessed to this. People in glass houses…   That’s what Spiney thinks, what do you think?

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a Friend and fellow blogger Wes E. Messamore writer of the Humble Libertarian has written an excellent comment on Michael Moore’s latest film “Capitalism a Love Story”. I can’t improve on his work so I ask you to click on , this link , to read it.

All I can add is that the next time Mr. Moore is in Cannes France to accept yet another award for a film that shows how much he dislikes his country, he may want to apply for asylum. I’m sure France would be thrilled to have him and he would much more enjoy the political climate there. What do you think? Spiney

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Dear President Carter, I was at the DC Rally on 9/12 and I am not a racist. I had an African American who was my best friend in my wedding. I listen to inner city African American Preachers on my Christian Radio Station WDAC.  I have nothing against anyone just because of their color.

Even though I didn’t vote for President Obama I was proud of our country on January 20, 2009. I was actually a little ashamed that it took until 2008 for a African American to make it into the Presidential Election. I thought to myself here could be a new beginning, maybe my generations chance at a President Kennedy like experience. It didn’t take long until I realized that was not to be. I don’t dislike President Obama the person. I dislike his policies, the radicals that surround him, All the money he is spending, and the direction he is taking our country. I have often said I wish he was white, for only one reason, so it would be politically correct to disagree with him!

President Carter I could not vote for you because I was only 16. But I did support you in your campaign and I was at your inauguration. I felt the same chance for a fresh start after the heavy hand of the Nixon administration, and Gerald Ford, someone we never elected. Here was a non insider, plus an extremely intelligent man a nuclear scientist, and yes important for me, a Christian man. But then the oil crises hit and you told us to wear a sweater. You showed a weakness on foreign policy, especially during the Iran Hostage Crises. In the end I was glad to see you go. and while I like President Ronald Reagan, I voted for John Anderson in my first Presidential Election, 1980. I remember you as a weak president. Though I will give you your proper dues on arranging the most important Egypt – Israeli Peace accords. That you can be proud of.

I see a lot of you in President Baraq Obama as he makes one of his first moves as President a worldwide apology trip.

President Carter, you are a smart man, so please don’t make the mistake of wrongly accusing me and many others of being racist, just because we disagree with President Obama’s policies, advisers, and actions.

Sincerely, Spiney

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You may not agree with my view on things. I am libertarian with some conservative leanings. And I have respect for moderates and some liberal views. But would you really want to see the United States turn towards Socialism or worse Communism? I would have never thought that possible but events of the last year concern me.  It started with the Bush administration. The used the threat of terrorism to overstep boundaries and begin spying, probably more than we will ever know. Then the used the threat of a financial meltdown to intervene in the Banking and Financial sector, bailing out whomever they felt were “Too big to fail”  Along came the Change that a majority , not me, voted for. Barack Obama promised to Change the system. His Chief of Staff Rham Emanuel on watching even more meltdown in the economy stated “Never let a good crises go to waste” They didn’t they propped up more financial institutions, pumped billions into GM and Chrysler in an effort to save them from bankruptcy. Then oh well, they went bankrupt anyway, taking about $20 Billion US taxpayer dollars with them.  Money we don’t have so we borrowed it from Communist China. Ford Motor Company was smart. They say problems earlier than the other two and made their own changes. They took NO money from the government and are currently even after the giant Cash For Clunkers debacle blowing the doors off of GM and Chrysler. Side note, Spiney should have bought Ford Stock when it was down around $2.00 a share. Then because we were heading off a Depression we had to sign a Huge Stimulus Bill to the tune of around $782 Billion Dollars. It had to be signed in like 5 days or the country was going to hell in a hand basket. So they scared everyone and pushed that through. To this date, about 6 months later they have spent less than 10-12% of that money. So what was the rush? It was supposed to be for “Shovel Ready Jobs” where people would be put to work right away. In the mean time the unemployment figure keeps going up.  The next time it is announced it will probably hit 10%. Passing the Stimulus Bill was supposed to stop it at 8.5%.  Being Socialist is when the Government has a large stake in the production of goods and the economy in general. Where as Capitalism which we were founded on, and ran well for over 200 years, the Production of goods, the Farms, The Banks, etc are all Privately owned.  Now the Government wants to Nationalize the Health Care Industry. This represents about 16% of our total economy. So far everything that the Government does run has a terrible record of being a financial success. Social Security, Medicare, Medic-aide, The Post Office, and Amtrak all are either Bankrupt or near Bankrupt. They run on huge deficits and don’t exactly provide a bargain service. The cost of postage goes up about every 6 months. and now they are proposing dropping Saturday delivery in order to stay afloat. The upside is that’s one less day you will get bills and junk mail. Have you ever priced a ticket on Amtrak? I love trains, but every time my wife and I look at taking Amtrak vs the car, the car wins, even at $4 a gallon gas.  Unless you are traveling alone it doesn’t pay. It’s much cheaper to travel by bus, a private company.

The President now has 35 plus Czars, or special experts that report directly to him. They work in the white house. Most but not all receive a sizable salary. Non were voted on by Congress. President Obama said I trust these people to by my experts in their field, even though some are duplicating efforts for which there are already Departments and Committees that have been approved by congress or are made up of congressional representatives.  Many are old friends of the Presidents. Some have very scary backgrounds and believes.  Number one is the Green Jobs Czar Van Jones.  He is a self avowed Radical and Communist. He goes on the record stating this. He was arrested during the Rodney King Riots of the early 90’s and when in prison he became a radical and then a communist. He started an organization called STORM which stands for Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement. Storm studies and believes in the theories of Lenin & Marx. Their dream is a multiracial Socialist Utopia. This man is a good friend of the President, will be in charge of Billions of dollars of Green Jobs Stimulus money and helped with other Czars and friends of the President write the $782 Billion Dollar Stimulus Bill. The one that was so large, no Congressmen or Senators had the time to read it. Wonder what’s hidden in there.  Then there is the Pay Czar Kenneth R. Fienberg. His job is to look into the compensation of executives of companies who received Government assistance through Tarp Funds. He will Cap their salaries and decide whats fair or not.  There is the Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein. He is said by the President to be a Dear and trusted friend. He wrote a book in 2002 Republic.com that discussed the drawbacks of limitless access of information on the Internet. Especially where it allowed like minded people to find others with same interest or beliefs. He wanted search engines to also mandatory lead to sites with opposing points of view. So much for free speech and thought.  Science Czar John Holdren.  He co-wrote a book in 1977 called Eco-Science that talked about over population threatening the existance of sustainable life on the planet. He proposed such ideas as mandatory sterilization of women after their 3rd child. And that this could be done within the constraints of the constitution. Also Putting contreceptive fluids in our water supply.  Then there is Mark Loyd. He is in charge of diversity for the FCC. He is on video praising the way that Hugo Chavez took over the media in Venezuela in order to put down dissadent speach that was harming him. Chavez is just short of a dictator. He is friends with just about everyone in the world who hate US and we have someone within the FCC who is praising his tactics. Someone who if he had his way would change the face of Talk Radio as you know it.  and you know what, Talk Radio is totally capitalistic and market based. If no one liked or listened to conservative talk radio, it wouldn’t be on the air, and the big names such as Rush Limbaugh, Shawn Hannity, and Glenn Beck wouldn’t be millionaires. They tried to combat them with a network based on Liberal and Left speaking air personalities. It was called Air America. It had big names like Janean Garafalo, Al Franken and others. It bombed. It burned through money, got no sponsers, because no one listened. And I’ll admit I like Janean. I think she is a funny actress and thoughtful person. But they couldn’t buy an audience.  No one forces people to listen to Rush, Shawn, or Glenn. They strike a chord with their listeners. I’ll admit I was an early listener to Rush and Shawn. I can’t take them anymore. While they do make some good points, they are over the top and totally one sided. If Barak Obama brokered a lasting peace with Isreal and the Arabs, they would find fault with it. They give him no slack. And when you do that you are like the boy who cried wolf. If everything is negative then when you really do come out with something we should listen to or be concerned about, it just sounds like sour grapes.

I am a follower of Glenn Beck. I like him because he provides information with humor and also gives people benefit of the doubt. He also backs up what he says with the peoples own words, either in their writings, video taped conversations or speaches etc. and he brings on experts both for and against. When he shows me that there are people who hate the capitalist system within the White House, who are Friends of the President and backs it up it scares me. I grew up in the 60’s. I grew up threw the cold war. My Father fought in the end of WWII. He didn’t fight, and we didn’t win the cold war only to hand our country over to people who want to see us as a socialist country. I for one won’t stand for it. In order to put my feet and my mouth where my heart and head is I am heading to the 9-12 march on Washington DC on 9-12-2009. I along with thousands of others are going to let our voices be heard that this is not the America we want. I hope a million people show up. It’s much more important than Health Care, Stimulus, Nationalizing the Auto Industry. It is steering our Country from 200 years Plus of a Capitalist Republic to a Socialist Country where the Government knows best. When not hard work and better ideas, but some bureaucrat in Washington will decide what you can do, and how much you can make. and oh yes, how much you can keep. Where there will no longer be the dream of being the next Bill Gates, Donald Trump, or a Doctor or Lawyer who makes good money because he studied hard, worked hard, took risks. That will all be gone, because if you make what the government considers is too much money, they will take it from you and give it to someone else who is worse off, maybe by no fault of their own, or maybe because they squandered their opportunity at an education. I’ve started and ran several businesses during my life. There is no greater satisfaction than doing that. And I started them all from the ground up with a dream and hard work and yes maybe a credit card. But I did and they all made money. I also worked for several small businesses who did the same thing. They all had passion and drive to make their dream work.  Under Socialism you all sit back and wait for Big Government to take care of you. We will all be equally poor and highly taxed. That is not the America for me. If you beleive the same it ‘s time to wake up America. I’d suggest you give Glenn Beck a try. He’s on Fox News every week night at 5pm. He also has a website GlennBeck.com and a 3 hour Radio show everyday. If not him, then do your own research and come up with your own conclusions. That’s all the better. Google, Bling, or Yahoo President Obama +Czars.  Then look into who George Soros is.  He is a Multi-Billionaire who’s aim is to bring the US down.  I don’t understand it, we made him rich, and he hates us. Also research Socialism, Marxism, Communism. Then check out YouTube where you will find many of these people praise communist leaders or hate america in their own words. Such as this gem: Here you will find a YouTube clip of Congresswoman Diane Watson Democrat  CA while at a town meeting on August 27th of this year told the crowd how much she loves and admires Communist Dictator Fidel Castro of Cuba.

I’ll leave you with this, if Capitalism is so horrible then why is the United States and it’s people the greatest contributors to charity bar non.  Bill & Melinda Gates with their Foundation and now they have teamed up with Warren Buffet. These are the two riches people in the United States have pledged to give ALL of their money to charity. Much of it going to Africa to fight Aids, Malaria, and help them with sustainable crops.  Do you know of any great Socialist or Communist Leaders who are doing the same? If you do I’d love to know their name.  There is still time to get on a 912 caravan bus or car pool to go to DC and let the m know how you, the great American Citizen feels. Like I said I’m going and with my back it will be one painfull day and the next 2 or 3 after it. But it is too important to sit and the recliner of rage and not participate. And I was not coerced, I’m not part of some big organized group being told what to do. I took the time and found a group going because I wanted to participate and I can’t drive that far. PLEASE tell me how you feel about this. Thanks for reading. Spiney

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Thought I’d jump back in here since there has been so much national debate on this in the past few weeks.  Here is my take on the subject. I truly believe there needs to be some changes. I think the many citizens who are interviewed by the media who say there needs to change but I don’t know what are either taking a cop out or not really thinking about it. I believe that both the left and the right have taken extreme stances that will hurt us. The right by wanting to keep the status quo, the left by wanting to change everything about our system. I get so sick of it has to be either Black or White. no one sees the gray, or is it grey I never know which is correct.  Either way. Something needs to be done to curtail the massive increases in cost every year. If you must pay for your own health insurance, or you are a small business like many of us and have to pay for it, you know the cost are incredible and go up at least 20% every year. When Laurie and I owned our studio it was our single highest expense. In March of 2005 we were paying about $11-1200 a month for Blue Cross for just Laurie and I. Our daughter was covered by my ex-wife’s health insurance. On top of that we had sizable co-pays. We usually had to pay 100% up front and then turn the bill in to our insurer. We also had to pay up front for all of our meds, which were many for my back and then we got reimbursed about 70%. And we paid 100% for dental and Eye care. I had many teeth pulled because it was $45 to pull or $1000 to root canal. With both my and my wife’s health issues I feel the cost of health insurance would have driven us out of business by now. We looked elsewhere and because of “Pre-existing conditions”, no one would touch us. So we kept paying Blue Cross and didn’t dare miss a payment. We would get behind on our Studio and Apartment rent in the slow times of the season because the very first thing we paid was health insurance. If we were late, that was it, they cut us off. So yes Health insurance companies can be the boogy man. On the other hand they did pay over $250K for my back & neck operations plus follow ups. They NEVER refused any treatments that the doctors requested. My Wife had health issues and so did I. Between us, we used much more than we ever paid in. They would have loved to drop us!
There are areas where cost could be cut. #1 tort reform. Yes if your doctor did something horrible and harmed you or a loved one, they need to pay for that mistake. But is that worth $100K, $1 million, $20 million, $50 million? Some payouts are ridiculous and the majority of the money goes to the lawyers, not the person who is harmed.  The doctor who operated on my back almost closed down his whole practice wish had several neurosurgeons and other specialist. They employed probably a total of 25 well paid professionals. They were going to move from PA to MD because the cost of malpractice insurance in PA was off the scale due to our lack of any tort reform. They  and many other doctors only stayed after our Governor, Ed Rendell jumped in at the last minute and said the state would pick up 50% of the cost of the malpractice insurance. I’ve been told that putting caps on liabilities would greatly reduce the cost of health care. Another area I see, which I may be wrong on is the cost of all the advertising. Here in PA Blue Cross has an animated spokesman called Blueman. Well as our rates soared I saw Blueman on billboards literally every mile, he was constantly on TV, the Radio, and the newspaper. I felt like a large percentage of my money was going into advertising. and it was ridiculous because here in PA, Blue Cross is virtually a monopoly. I don’t know who there were advertising to. They did manage to crush all of the HMO’s.  So to have a single payer system in my mind in not the answer, because when there is no competition the cost only goes one way,up.
Next there are people who Choose not to have health insurance. I say this because I know some, I’m related to some. They are young and would rather have the extra money in there paycheck than pay for insurance. My Wife has great insurance through her work, but we still pay about $375 a month. After having paid $1200 we think it is a bargain. Yet I hear people complain because they have to pay $20 per paycheck for insurance. The ones I know who Choose not to have it tell the same old story. I’m young, I’ll tough it out, I don’t get sick and if I do, I’ll go to the ER, they Can’t refuse me. And they are right. They can’t and don’t. and those of us who pay for our health insurance we pay for them. If you ever go to the ER for something it is a prelude for what’s to come. You wait and you wait and you wait. The place is filled with humanity from kids with colds to stabbings, to people like my wife in agony with a Migraine. Our average visit to the ER with a migraine was 8-10 hours. We generally waited 2-3 hours before they saw us. Then they put you in a room or the hallway and forget about you for another 2 hours. Then they treat you and you wait and wait to be checked and released. It’s not their fault, they are understaffed and over run with patients. So when everybody has health care there will be even more people there in line. And less doctors because the big incentive of devoting 10 years of your life just to be a doctor won’t be there. Your salary will be capped. Why work hard or see as many patients as you can, you will get a flat rate or some reduced fee that the Government sees fit for you to earn. So we need to limit the amount of people using the ER as their primary care. I guess, I’m no expert there needs to be more low cost or free clinics in the cities and the rural areas. Somewhere where people can go before it’s too late. Or when it’s a minor issue like a cold, flu or fever. That is not what the ER is for. The ER should be for Trauma only. My Wife only went there for her Migraines because her primary wouldn’t dispense morphine. One we convinced him that is the only thing that can kick her migraines, he started doing it. It really reduced our cost and that to our insurance. We used to go to the ER, huge wait, $1800 and a co-pay of $150.  Just today we went to the primary. $230 to insurance, $20 co-pay and 1 hour. The best part, after she suffered all night we called the doctors office at 8:30am. They took us in at 11:00 am. I doubt that will happen under government health care. The only reason we will need to go to the ER anymore is if we are out of town or the middle of the night is our only option. and even that varies. My Wife gets debilitating migraines often. We have been in ER’s in every state we have visited. NJ, VA, MD. VA was the best. We were in Williamsburg. We had a wonderful understanding female physician who was a migraine sufferer herself. We waited very little. She gave my wife her favorite special mix of migraine pain relief and we were out in 3 hours. total cost $800. $1000 less than in PA.  On the other hand we were in NJ. Horrible experience. We told the doctor a man that morphine is all that works. He all but accused my wife of being an addict looking for a fix. Even after we begged him to call her doctor back home. He gave her some under powered placebo and sent us home after being there, on Vacation, all night. It didn’t work at all. We had to come back the next night. By know my Wife’s in a wheelchair, holding her head in her hands, crying in agony. We tell the story, different doctor. He gives he what she needed, and she gets relief. We loose 3 days of a 6 day vacation. We pay for the ER twice. We fought it, but lost and ended up paying about $500 co-pay.  This is an area where cost could be saved and more efficiency. If my Wife’s records were encoded on a card, or in a national health database, a lot of the issues could have been avoided. But we had to fill out all of the paperwork, 2 days in a row, including having her information Faxed from home 2X. What a waste of time and money. So having health records in a transparent portable data base is a no brainer in the year 2009.  Up until last year our Primary care, a wonderful practice was all paper and pen. They just now in 2009 went to computers. In their words, in order to be more efficient and to serve us better. It’s been a learning curve but they are getting better. They are country doctors one step above Mennonites.  So there could be BIG savings here in time and money.

Duplication of Tests: With my back operations and follow up I had many thousands of dollars worth of test. X-rays, Cat-Scans, MRI’s, EMG’s, Milograms (sp?), you name it. And some of them several times over such as pre-op, post-op, and further post-op to see the healing.  When It finally became apparent that I could no longer work I filed for disability. By this time we were really financially strapped. They told me I needed medical proof. No problem I had reams of paperwork, large enveloped full of X-rays, File Folders full of test results. None of it was acceptable. It was all pre me applying for SSDI. I had to have all of the test done over. I couldn’t believe it. Thank God my insurance company didn’t balk, nor did my Doctor. I had to have all of the test over again. I had to go through all of the Physical Therapy and Pain Management Doctors to get current paperwork that said I was disabled. We were talking probably $25K worth of costs. Plus my time, Doctors time, Doctors who couldn’t understand why I was back, and over $1500 of co-pay. This was when I was on food stamps at the time. So there is some major waste.  So some common sense rules and regulations would have saved that money. The end result of all of those test were nothing had changed. They still couldn’t cure me, Yes I was still in pain, and Yes several doctors put in writing that they felt I was no longer able to work.  Before all of this there was great waste on the behalf of the insurance companies. I was re injured in Jan 5 2000. Having had previous back surgeries I knew I needed another. The Neurologist agreed, and it was our slow time. Get an operation be rehabilitated long before Senior Season, no brainer. But… the insurance company policy now states all non-invasive treatment must be tried before surgery. In the past, The Doc said I needed surgery, he called the hospital and I was on the table in 3 day. Now I had to go through a battery of tests. months of physical therapy, which only caused further injury and delay. I got my surgery on May 7th. Right before Senior Season. Totally screwed up our business. We were on a roll to have our best year ever. I came home, I was supposed to be off work for 10-12 weeks.  We had other photographers jump in and try to help, but they had their own work to shoot, and they didn’t shoot our style and were as careful as me. Our work suffered, our sales suffered, and I was getting frantic phone calls all the time from my wife. 7 days later I was back shooting. It was hell, but the sales were there. I would shoot, then go behind a tree and throw up because I was in 90 degree sun on a ton of narcotics, and was in incredible pain. It certainly didn’t help my recovery. So Insurance delayed my needed surgery, cost an extra $20-30K in PT and test before the surgery, and I ended up getting the surgery anyway. Plus they screwed up my business and probably my recovery because I had to go right back to work. Doctors, Insurance Companies, and the Government Welfare and Social Security DO NOT understand the needs of the Self Employed. I sure learned that.

Another thing, I know this will be a hot button, but we need to stop giving away the store to illegal aliens.  I’m all for Legal Aliens. But Free health care, Free Education, Welfare to Illegal Immigrants just invites more over our porous borders. My Understanding, and I have not read the whole 1000 page plus of the health care bill is that it guarantees health care coverage to All including Illegal Immigrants. That is just wrong.  I have nothing against legal immigrants. In my travels I see many immigrants as the hardest working people I’ve ever seen. They are here to make a better life for themselves and their families.

More emphasis needs to be placed on Health Care Prevention. We are an unhealthy nation. I will be the first to say, I am overweight. I am 6’0″ and currently 206 lbs. Just got weighed at the doctors office today. I am down from a high of probably 228 or more. I do watch what I eat. I try to walk as much as possible, and I have no vices other than DPP. I never smoked, rarely drank, and now can’t because of my pain meds, and I’m no longer a risk taker. As I go anywhere in my daily travels I see a nation of obese, and morbidly obese people. and what’s scary is many children. My own daughter is pre-diabetic because she drinks tons of caffeinated soda to stay awake for work. She wasn’t generally heavy, in fact in college she was in great shape. Then she went to work as an EMT.  They are a lot who in general are in poor health. They sit around and wait for a call. They have tons of pizza, doughnuts, soda at the House. They do this to stay awake and to grab a quick bite. And they work 16-24 hour shifts where they try to sleep until the alarm goes off. She no longer works there, and has been losing some wait. I lovingly read her the riot act about diabetes being preventable and not something she wants to get.  We are a country of fast food and now worse Energy Drinks. These things are high caloric and filled with caffeine. And they are so prevalent. It kills me to see mothers in the grocery store buying them for their young children.  Many weight, smoking, and drinking related health issues are so preventable. Yet our government creates a catch 22 by basing so much of how it is going to pay for health care on sin taxes. It Needs and Wants people to drink and smoke! I think that there needs to be a carrot and stick approach. People who watch what they eat, exercise, and don’t drink in excess or smoke should be rewarded with lower health care premiums or cash / tax bonuses for being healthy. Those on the other side of the scale should pay a penalty, a higher premium if they choose to live that way.

We  need to get a handle on young people and unwed mothers having babies. As I drive around or go to the park the number of extremely young girls with babies is heartbreaking. The future for the girls is bleak, the future for the child is probably worse and yet it continues. We need to address this as a nation. We are a practicing Christian family. When we all lived together we were very active in the church. Our daughter was very active in the youth group. Both her and I played in the praise band, we all belonged to Sunday school I taught the youth group. We did all we could to provide a loving stable home and community for ourselves and our daughter. We were also very involved in her school. But we were also realistic. At age 13 like a light switch our daughter became boy crazy. And she was an early developer and quite attractive. As soon as we saw the signs of her going to be sexually active we made a trip as a family to planned parenthood. We didn’t say here you go, now go out and have sex. But the last thing we all needed was an unplanned pregnancy. We talked and interacted and loved all we could as a family, but we couldn’t be there 24×7. Teenagers even those in good homes, in Sunday School groups, with celibacy pledges don’t think with their heads all the time. We don’t agree with many things that planned parenthood stands for, we are a pro-life family. But they were a good source to avoid teenage pregnancy and STD’s. As a Senior Studio we saw many Good Girls from Good homes who between their session and picking up their final portraits started showing they were pregnant. And I’m  sure there were many abortions we never heard of.

I’m running out of steam here guys and girls.  One other area where  strides can be made is allowing small businesses or like trades such as photographers, mechanics, plumbers etc to band together and purchase health insurance at group rates.  My understanding was PPA couldn’t offer group health insurance because of rules that didn’t allow businesses to band together and insurance companies to work across state lines. That’s just insane. We could have save so much on our premiums if we could have bought as a group with other photographers.

And finally when the Government gets involved it just doesn’t work well. So many of the bureaucrats in Washington have No Idea how to run a business or what it’s like to make a payroll. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, the Postal Service, and Amtrak all are either bankrupt or heading that way. So what makes anyone thing the can handle something as large as National Healthcare.  It’s not an area they should be involved in.  They can make changes that will help or make independent Insurance Companies and Health Care Providers work more efficiently and justly. They can enforce portability so you don’t lose health insurance if you change or lose your job. They can come up with away to cover pre-existing conditions. But for them to run a National Insurance Company or Program would be a BIG Mistake.  That’s my opinion.  What is yours.  Thanks,  Spiney

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Very Un-Proud to be Scottish since yesterday. I can’t believe they let out the Lockerbie Bomber yesterday. Set’s a bad precedent. Today’s politicians and many citizens have no stones. If WWII were today there wouldn’t be the Nuremberg trials. There are people who are evil and deserve to be punished. Did they show compassion to William Wallace? I think not. Wake up people. We are going to go down like the Roman Empire and the dinosaurs.

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I’ve been following the coverage of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. I remember it well. I was 9 at the time and just glued to the TV even though it was summer and I was a kid. I was mesmerized by all of the Space Program. It inspired me and many of my class mates to study science, take up a technical career. I built and flew and lost many an ESTES Model Rocket. It really gave my generation something to be proud of, to see a future in, and aspire to.  Buzz Aldrin and Niel Armstrong said they were inspired by the WWII aviators and the test pilots, that’s what made them want to fly and sign up for the Space Program. People from my generation were inspired by the Astronauts. In 2010 the last space Shuttle mission takes off and then that’s it.  There is nothing in the pipeline for quite awhile. For all the money wev’e spent on bailouts and the Iraq war we could have a permanent colony on the Moon.  Many, Many technological advancements that we take for granted came about because of the space program. What is there to fire up our imagination and inspire us today? Does anyone else feel that the USA has really lost it’s place as a world leader. Today it seems all we do is support the growth of China as we go after the cheapest items we can get. China plans on putting men on the moon and they’ll do it with our money. If we even took the vision and the drive we had for the Moon Mission and really went all out for energy independence, it would give us an exciting goal.  I think there is just too much divisiveness in the country today to get behind a grand common goal. Everyone has an ulterior (sp?) motive up their sleeve.  Well I’ll get down off my soapbox. What do you think?  Thanks, Spiney

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Tonight at 7pm a giant in the TV industry passed away. CBS anchor Walter Cronkite. He was known to many as Uncle Walter because he was part of your evening routine every night during or after supper you sat down to watch the CBS evening news with Walter Cronkite. He was the Anchor from 1961 until forced to retire because of his age in 1981. He still had many good years left. Walter delivered the news with the authority of someone who actually understood it. He wasn’t just a Handsome or Pretty Talking Head like most of those on TV today. He had been a reporter since WWII and covered every significant event including D-day, The end of WWII, The Korean War, The Cold War, The Vietnam War, The Kennedy assassinations, All of the important Space program items including the 1st Moon Landing, The Civil Rights struggle, the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Watergate, and all of the Presidential conventions and elections. He was once voted the most trusted man in America.  Unlike most TV anchors of today he reported the news, he did not give you his opinion of the news. That’s what made him trusted. There is no one like him today and there may never be another. Today the Anchors and the networks are more interested in ratings, and image. Hair is more important than what’s underneath it. Goodbye Walter, you sure will be missed.  Spiney

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