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Saturn was a spin off of GM started around 1990. They specifically built a brand new state of the art plant, away from Detroit in Tennessee. From day one they were to be a different kind of car company. They made very well built cars, cars with Hi-Tech Polymer bodies that were light-weight, didn’t dent, didn’t rust. They looked good and got good gas mileage. It was GM’s way to build a Japanese car in America by an American company. They also sold them differently. There was a no haggle price tag on the car. You paid the price on the car without the sales weenie tricks. The showrooms were bright, futuristic, and you could eat off the floor of the service bays. I know all this because I was so impressed by them when my fiance now Wife’s car was stolen I told her to take a look at Saturn. She was all set to buy another Japanese car because she loved her Mazda that was stolen. She went, without me and bought a beautiful 1992 Saturn SC 2 door sports coupe. It was sharp, responsive, solid, and got great gas mileage. It would go well over a hundred yet get as much as 37 miles to the gallon with it’s 4 cylinder DOHC Fuel Injected engine and 5 speed. We sure got our monies worth out of that car. She paid about $13,000 brand new. $3000 less than the comparable Toyota or Mazda she looked at. We owned it for 13 years racking up over 135,000 miles. It never had a major breakdown. Cost of ownership was low. We sold it because we outgrew it, it was small. Because of the plastic body it looked as good on the outside when we sold it as the day she bought it. We got $750 for it and the couple who bought it was thrilled. My Brother in law bought his Saturn 4 door sedan from his sister for $700.00 He has now run it up to over 175,000 miles. Regularly gets over 35mpg on the highway and loves it. and he is a Car Fanatic. The point to all this is Saturn was and is building the kind of cars that the Government says GM needs to build to survive. They have a full line now from their small cars, to bigger sedans, small SUV’s, and even Sports Car . Plus they sell a flex fuel and a hybrid. So I was shocked to see GM is closing them on November 9th. What sense does that make? And if they weren’t selling then what kind of little green econobox will GM make in Detroit that will sell? I just don’t get it. If you do, please write and explain it to me, I’d love to understand. Thanks, Spiney

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I had this e-mail forwarded to me today from a friend.  As I read it I got very upset. But being responsible before I forwarded to all my friends and posted it here on my blog I called the dealership to confirm it was true. I spoke to their receptionist. She told me unfortunately it is true. I told her I was very sorry to hear that and I would do what I could to get the word out. And also ask people to contact their representatives to ask how this could happen in America.  So please take the time to read this plea from a fellow American who is having his livelihood stolen from him, with help from the United States Government.
Letter from a Dodge dealer

My name is George C. Joseph. I am the sole owner of Sunshine
Dodge-Isuzu, a family owned and operated business in
Melbourne, Florida. My family bought and paid for this
automobile franchise 35 years ago in 1974. I am the second
generation to manage this business.

We currently employ 50+ people and before the economic
slowdown we employed over 70 local people. We are active in
the community and the local chamber of commerce. We deal
with several dozen local vendors on a day to day basis and
many more during a month. All depend on our business for
part of their livelihood. We are financially strong with
great respect in the market place and community. We have
strong local presence and stability.

I work every day the store is open, nine to ten hours a
day. I know most of our customers and all our employees.
Sunshine Dodge is my life.

On Thursday, May 14, 2009 I was notified that my Dodge
franchise, that we purchased, will be taken away from my
family on June 9, 2009 without compensation and given
to another dealer at no cost to them. My new vehicle
inventory consists of 125 vehicles with a financed balance
of 3 million dollars. This inventory becomes impossible to
sell with no factory incentives beyond June 9, 2009.
Without the Dodge franchise we can no longer sell a new
Dodge as “new,” nor will we be able to do any
warranty service work. Additionally, my Dodge parts
inventory, (approximately $300,000.) is virtually worthless
without the ability to perform warranty service. There is no
offer from Chrysler to buy back the vehicles or parts

Our facility was recently totally renovated at
Chrysler’s insistence, incurring a multi-million dollar
debt in the form of a mortgage at Sun Trust Bank.



This is beyond imagination! My business is being stolen
from me through NO FAULT OF OUR OWN. We did NOTHING wrong.

This atrocity will most likely force my family into
bankruptcy. This will also cause our 50+ employees to be
unemployed. How will they provide for their families? This
is a total economic disaster.


I beseech your help, and look forward to your reply. Thank


George C. Joseph
President &Owner

Sunshine Dodge-Isuzu

Please think about what is happening here. This is the kind of thing that happens in communist and fascist countries, not in the United States. What happens to this man today could happen to you, your employer, your family tomorrow unless people stand up and say No More.  Think about it.  What’s your take on this? Spiney

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I listened to an economist the other day on a business news channel who said that basically the prosperity of the last decade was all a lie.  A lie built on credit. People borrowed money they didn’t have to buy houses and cars and stock they really couldn’t afford.  This happened with corporations and investors too who bought stock, that made the stock market rise. They saw the stock market and the real estate markets as an ever growing thing where you couldn’t lose. The only way you lost was if you weren’t in the game. So you borrowed to buy more. It was a  No Brainer borrow at 7% to buy into a market that was going up 10-12% a year.  And the real estate market in some areas was going up 20% a year.  But then when the credit market tightened up and you could no longer get easy credit, it all came falling in.  People who got loans just because they had a pulse and said they had good jobs, maybe they did, but in many cases they overstated their income, started to default on their loans.  All during this time you had average citizens who wanted to catch up with the Jonses, fast. It may have took their neighbors 4-6 years in college and hard work to get where they were.  Or their parents many decades of sacrifice to have the nice home in the suburbs.  But why wait with EZ credit you could have it now.  And why stop at one home, how nice it would be to have a rental property or a vacation home at the shore or the mountains, just sign here, maybe take a second mortgage out on that home you bought 2 years ago with 0-5% down.  If you couldn’t afford a vacation home then at least a Time Share. You know the one where you took the free 3 day vacation and they wore you down into buying a time share.  Seemed like a great idea then didn’t it.  And hey having a decent car isn’t good enough, you need some real wheels, a BMW, Hummer, or at least a Caddy. don’t have the down payment on that new or second car, no problem, you can Lease it. Just don’t drive more than 12,000 miles a year or scratch and dirty it.  While your at it throw in a motorcycle, or a boat.  And the kids, they got to have what every other kid has.  The latest PS3, a Cell Phone with all the bells and whistles by age 10 and not just an mp3 player that would be embarrassing, it has to be an Ipod. The whole family can have cell phones just sign up for the family plan and get 5 free phones, just pay the big monthly fee.  The big games coming up, have a TV under 30″, that’s just too hard on the eyes. To really enjoy the game and life in my house in the burbs I need to have at least 50″ plasma. No money no problem, no payments for 12 months or go down to Rent-a-Center only $35 a week.  And while your at it for just $10K in easy installments you can have perfect breasts and pearly white teeth.  Why not I’ve got a wallet full of credit cards.  The majority of people lived way beyond their means.  But they had all the toys.

They say we may recover back to were we were in about 3-5 years. Personally I hope we never get back there. I hope that this time has the effect on our generation that the depression and WWII had on our grandparents and parents. What I mean by that is that we get a new respect for saving, for getting by with less, and for using cash, not credit to get what we need and want.  To realize there is no shame in driving a car more than 3 years old, or renting a home. I’ve driven used cars the majority of my life, and also rented homes and apartments the majority of my life.  Yes I have owned a home, bought 2 new cars, and made the big mistake of leasing a new Saab. I can tell you there is something to be said about not having a car payment every month or being a renter. The nice thing when you rent is when the roof leaks or the heater fails you call the landlord, not the repairman. Helps you to sleep at night.  Spiney

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Dear President Obama and the Congress of the United States,

Mr. Obama you ran on a platform of change. The American people and the world have great hope in you, that you will govern in a new way, and take us in a new direction.  The Stimulus package now in congress will set the tone for your administration and a large debt for us and more importantly our children and grandchildren. Please do not let it be a business as usual pork fest for special interest and friends of the elected.

I know you have great vision for this country. You can use this package to steer our country into a new shining direction, just like President Kennedy did with the space program.  There are so many long term projects that can not only create real jobs, but change the future of the United States into a real renaissance path.
For years I’ve heard about our crumbling infrastructure and how old and in need of repair and upgrading it was. But the money was always too much. Well it seems to me a trillion dollars should be a darn good start.  We have crumbling roads and highways, bridges that fall down or are in danger of falling, a woefully inadequate FAA Air Traffic Control System, Dams ready to burst. We have areas that are way too dry, and those that flood much too often. We have an overtaxed electrical grid that fails every summer. Our broadband access and Hi-Speed Cellular system is behind much of the world. We have urban areas blighted with burned out factories and tenements. These could be cleaned up and turned into new Clean Industrial Zones, Educational Campuses, Affordable Housing, or Green Areas and parks.  With this much money and private investment we can get out from under the thumb of OPEC, build the infrastructure for LPG, Hydrogen, or Electrical cars. build the Hi-Speed railways that the Europeans and the Japanese have enjoyed for decades. Build the technology to safely use the vast reserves of coal America is blessed with. R&D for truly safe nuclear power.  With a portion of that money University R&D labs could come up with affordable Solar to put it on the roof of all American homes.  Find a cure for Alzheimer’s which will bankrupt Medicare.  Put aside the money to care for and make whole our wounder warriors who have served, suffered, and saved our country. Make the changes needed to make America an exporter instead of the world’s greatest importer of goods.  Not all of these projects require government money. They could be shared with private money, and a volunteer or paid Peace Corps to invest in their future and that of their country. There are so many projects that can change our future for the good and make your presidency the greatest agent of change ever. Or you can go down as an also ran, who in reality gave us the same old, same old while making us more indebted to those who would love to see us fail and take our place as the World leader, China, Russia, and the OPEC nations.

So please President Obama hold true to your visions, the ones I feel deep in my heart that you have.  Create a better future for your girls. And Congress would you like to get out of your status of having a lower approval rating than President Bush? Then do the right thing, hold President Obama to his promises, and do what is right for all of Americas future. Not what is the right thing to do right now to pay off your backers, friends, and to get re-elected.  If you do the right thing we will head in a great new direction and get out of this temporary slump we are in now. But if you blow a trillion dollars for the same old back scratchers, then may God, whoever you believe in save your soul.

And finally Americans. This bill is before congress right now. Call or write your representative and the White House. Tell them to do the right thing. And as Americans don’t stand there with your hat in hand looking for your piece of this pork sandwich. This isn’t pennies from heaven here. We are talking the greatest deficit of all time. This money is being loaned to us by the Chinese ultimately and will have to be paid back by us, our children, and our grandchildren. This is huge and you better wake up and be aware and concerned. Do not let this one be slipped by us without your input. Be responsible, be mad, and be active NOW for everyone’s future.   Dave

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I’ve been away at a funeral and out of touch. So I hope they haven’t approved the stimulus plan yet.  This is a non-partisan rant.  They are looking at spending over a Trillion dollars till it’s all said and done.  That’s more money than even Austin Powers could conceive of spending.  I didn’t vote for President Obama, but I like him and I think he could take our country in a new positive direction, if the congress doesn’t sideswipe him with same old Pork spending as usual.

If they are going to spend that much money and tax us and our children, and our children’s children to pay for it, then use it for real permanent good.  We have heard for years that the infrastructure of America is crumbling, outdated, and ready to fail at any moment. There are dams ready to burst, roads woefully too small and full of potholes, an electrical grid that shuts down when one suicidal squirrel jumps on a transformer, levies and dikes that are too low, and we’ve seen bridges and tunnels fall down and cave in.  Plus we need to create a new paradigm of future fuels and distribution networks for them. And put the kind of research into alternative fuels and electric vehicles, solar power, and wind power that we put into creating enough atomic weapons to blow up the world 1000 times over.  With all that real need, that can put people to work and fix problems, and build a better future… Why are we proposing to spend millions and billions on contraceptives (I know this is a stimulus program), sports stadiums, horse tracks, The Mayor of Harrisburg PA, my state capital wants millions to build 2 new hotels.  There are many hotels in Harrisburg with many empty rooms, pools, and discos.  We DO NOT NEED another Hotel in Harrisburg, yet this is where he wants the money to go.  There needs to be a board of intellectuals, future thinkers, engineers, people as diverse as Steve Jobs, Steve Forbes, Green peace,  Gina Davis who is a certified genius, Lee Iacocca, Caroll Shelby, Boone Pickens, Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Dr. Oz, Ross Perot, Al Gore, My man Ron Paul, Mit Romney, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and many, many more I can’t think of right now at 1:23am.  Make it balanced left center and right.  Bring in inventors and thinkers from all avenues of business and universities.  And bring in people from Chris Mathews,  Geroldo Rivera, John Stossel, and Bill O’Rielley to keep them straight and honest.  Bring it all out into the light of day, before the public before they commit to spending $1 of it.  We don’t need to spend all of the first $850 billion at once.  And we do need to make it count.  Look how fast both Republican & Democrats threw $750 billion into the banking system, and Auto makers and the economy is still tanking.  And while I’m thinking of it we can put in some projects like were done during the WPA of the New Deal in the 30’s.  Clean up some streams, plant billions of trees, bring back the plains and the buffalo,  create a new National Park or two, go in and tear down all the burnt out buildings and abandoned factories that scar our urban areas from The Bronx, Camden, Detroit, Chicago, LA and in between.  Revitalize some of those areas into greenways, or affordable housing that would be sold not given to people so there would be pride of ownership and upkeep. Get people out there laying fiber optic cable so there will be affordable broadband for everyone. Pay 1000’s of unemployed home builders and carpenters to rebuild New Orleans. Pour money into research for a cure for Alzheimer’s a disease that will bankrupt medicare, the same for cancer.  Send 1000’s of Deserving students who earn it with work and grades to school.   Train more teachers, doctors, engineers.  What I’m saying, What I’m screaming for is for God’s sake make it count.  Don’t piss it away on some congressman or woman’s favorite pet project that’s been burning a hole in the pocket for 20 years just waiting for this day.  This is our one big chance.  If we are going to do it the old school way and make a big old pork sandwich wrapped in Nancy Pelosi’s condoms then I pray it never sees the light of day and we make money the old fashioned way by not spending it at all.  A very fuming Spiney.

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I’m a little late to the party on this.  Spiney has been somewhere between depression, exhaustion, busy, and malaise. As anyone who drives has noticed the price of gas has dropped very steadily for a high during the Summer and Political Primary season of about $4.10 here in Eastern PA to a current $1.60 and dropping.  I know the gas and oil futures continue to drop and many experts are predicting gas to go back to $1.00 a gallon.  This would bring it down to where it was in the early 80’s. I’ve already seen more ads for the Hummer H3 on TV.  If history repeats itself anyone who sold their big SUV or 4wd Truck at a big loss to buy onto the Prius waiting list will be kicking themselves pretty hard any day now.  There will also be less interest in building greener cars, smaller more practical vehicles, and the brakes will be hit on Solar, Wind-Power, and other alternative plans that were all the rage at $4 a gallon gas.  I lived through the first big “Oil Crises”  I was a new driver, was really into alternative energy back then, around 1977. I sat in long lines to get my allotted gallons of gas on my odd or even day that I could get gas in my 68 mustang. I saw gas go from $0.35 up to $1.50 almost overnight.  We swore then that we would become energy independent from OPEC. Back then the Prius of the day was the Volkswagen Rabbit Diesel.  There was a waiting line and claims of 50 MPG.  They sold so many that Volkswagen built a plant in Western PA just to meet demand.  Then for some reason, gas dropped down to about $0.75 / gallon and we were all relieved.  We thanked God for giving us back relatively cheap gas, those who sold their Muscle-Cars or Big cruisers like Chevy Impalas, or Cadillacs and were now wedged into a Rabbit, kicked themselves and we got stupid again.  The Solar panels put on the White house roof were taken down. Solar, Wind, etc were left to the outback people who read “Mother Earth News”  I was one of them. America got on the first Van craze where everyone had to have a tricked out Van with shag carpet, fat tires, 8 track stereo. MPG be damned.  I hope and pray that President Obama will stick to his guns about energy independence.  Because I believe what was said by CNBC money madman Jim Cramer the other day.  He said that oil has dropped low on purpose by the Saudi’s so we will forget about alternative energy and becoming independent. Gas will go back up, once the excitement is gone, and the plug is pulled for all of the government funded and mandated energy programs.  It will go back up.  Not back to $4 /gallon.  It will go to about $2.50 – $2.75.  And we will be so glad we are not paying $4 /gallon that we will thin we dodged that bullet.  All the while the OPEC nations, many who HATE us such as Iran, Venezuela, Putin of the former and soon to be again Soviet Union.  They all have come to rely on oil money to fund their militarys, pay for their socialist programs, and pad their pockets.  So they will play with supply and demand until they are making $80 a barrel again.  Last Week it hit a low of $33 and in July of 2008 it hit a high of about $148.   Do yourself and your Country, your children, and your Earth a favor. Act as if gas is $4 a gallon.  Demand advances in alternative energy. Demand the electric car.  The car company’s are all in Washington begging for money because they got greedy and stupid. They had 2 energy crises before to see the writing on the wall, but they continued to build bigger and bigger vehicles, and convinced the public that they didn’t really love their family unless they put them in an Urban Assault Vehicle aka a Hummer.  GM built and killed the electric car in the 90’s but now 10 years later they need time and money to build what? an electric car!  And they helped with the economic crises because maybe you can’t afford to buy a Hummer or Escalade, or Eddie Bauer edition Bronco, but we can lease one to you.  So your driveway of the house you can’t afford looks as successful as your neighbor, who by the way can’t afford his either.   Hell GMAC the financing arm of General Motors, GM even gave you the Mortgage you can’t afford.

So once again, let your neighbor who’s ego is many times the size of his or her…brain fall back into the Bigger is better trap.  This is your chance to be ready to laugh at them all when heating oil hits $3 gallon plus, or the same for gasoline. You will take the smarter path less traveled in your Hybrid to your affordable house with the solar panels on the roof, and the community windmill on the hill.  That’s my goal.  What say you?   Spiney

Conspiracy Theory or How GWB added a quick couple of billion to his retirement account

PS there is one thing I would be amiss not to say.  Mrs. Spiney has a theory about the quick spike we recently went through with Gas and Oil.  It’s a conspiracy theory but a good logical one.  President Bush, his family, and many of his friends are former, current, or future oil people. Knowing his eight year reign was quickly coming to an end, he wanted to make sure he was set for life.  Being a multi-millionaire  isn’t enough these days, you’ve got to be in the Billionaire Boys Club if you really want to play.  So what better way to pad your war chest and impress your friends than to manipulate the oil market to make record breaking profits, money never before heard of. While your at it, you even are silly enough to get yourself videotaped doing “The Sword Dance” with the Prince of Saudi Arabia.  Then to help the little guy, us, and to protect your friend from the new regimes promise of energy independence you throttle back oil prices. Just days after the election.  Think about it and connect the dots.  I think she’s onto something here!!  That’s why I married her.  Beauty and Brains.

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Hopefully I’ll make some sense as I write this sleep deprived, in pain, and just a little cranky.  Well today was a day filled with bad business news at least according to my sources at Fox Business News both on Cable and XM-Radio. The Dow fell into the low 8200’s because Secretary of the Treasury Paulson came out and said that big bail out I sold you on, it ain’t working the way we need it to , so I have to change the rules.  Also for the 3rd day in a row Representatives from the remaining big 3 auto makers have been meeting with Nancy Pellosi, Harry Reed, and others playing their sad violins and holding out their green tambourines for their shot at the great American bailout palooza of 2008.  Everyone who is feeling the pinch due to poor planning or short sighted thinking has their hand out for Billions, yes Billions with a B from the government.  But the government is for and by the people so guess what, the money to bail out Detroit Rock City will come from you and me, and our kids, our grand kids, and the favors we now owe to China, Aubu Dubai, and others we don’t really want to be tied in to like a loan shark for the next 30 years.  And if they get our help, will they really recognize you and give you a special deal when you go down to buy your shiny new semi-hybrid quickly slapped together world box on wheels.

I got a question, when they couldn’t build mini-vans fast enough, then SUV’s, Then Eddi Bauer SUV’s, Then P-Diddy Escalades, Then I want to play soldier HUMMERS (but I’m not volunteering for anything) Each one bigger than the other. Did they put a little extra in the bank for a rainy day, or start doing R&D for the inevitable day that oil / gas would be expensive.  Did they forgot the Gas crisis’s of the 70’s and 80’s.  The promise of we will build cars as good or better than the Japanese and VW.  The no more Big V8’s.  It will be world of V6, V4’s Diesels, Turbos, and then the sneaky Honda and Toyota built the Hybrids.  Couldn’t make them fast enough so they dare to even build plants in the USA to build them.  And when we were embarrassed that we the Americans, the smartest country on the planet didn’t have a hybrid, Toyota was kind enough to sell the basics to Ford so we could claim to have a hybrid also.  So in the 2 years leading up to the current crises what happened.  Toyota & Honda worked on their second generation Hybrid cars, and moved production here.  They built up a great campaign and following and people cheerfully got in long cues, paying a premium over list to get one.  What did Detroit do.  We brought back the biggest of heavy metal engines of the past, The Chrysler Hemi a 300 HP plus Big V8 was put into everything from Monster Trucks, to Power Sedans the Dodge 300, to incredible rebirths of the best Muscle Cars of the 70’s The Charger, Challenger R/T, The Cuda.  Ford brought back ever faster Mustangs, and Pickup Trucks that could pull Freight Trains or Tractor Trailers your Wish.  And GMC Just made the biggest SUV , Truck, Combination’s, 3 variations of the Hummer  H I  H 2  H 3, Escalades, and Rocket Propelled Cadillac.  Oh and during the 90’s when they could have been re-tooling for the future, maybe downsizing they went on a buying spree.  I’m sure I won’t remember all of these, but Ford bought Volvo, Jaguar, pieces of Mazda, and possibly Land Rover. GM bought Saab, Hummer and maybe they bought Land Rover who knows.   Chrysler bought the creme off the bones of AMC, the JEEP then merged with Daimler Benz, They also bought Masseratti.  After a few years Daimler Benz saw the writing on the wall and sold off Chrysler at a great loss.

Right now due to the credit crises no one, including #1 Toyota are selling cars.  People are too nervous, and only the triple AAA rated credit risks with a nice down payment can buy a car.  Car dealers are going out of business at an alarming rate.  Thank God those Vultures who sold a car to anyone “No Credit, Bad Credit, your Job is your Credit”  Those guys were the first to go, because there is no more sub prime credit.

I think that the Government has to help the auto industry because it is so intertwined with all of the small businesses that supply it and help to deliver the car.  You are talking 3 major corporations with hundreds of plants, hundreds of thousands of workers, and hundreds of thousands of downstream business from upholstery shops, to machine shops, to corner diners and bars will be effected.  But the manufacturing model doesn’t work anymore. You can’t build hundreds to thousands of cars ahead of time to sit on dealers lots, and you can’t carry the overhead of hard won union promises going back 30-40 years.  Things will have to change for many.  The auto worker can’t be one of the highest pain workers in the world for what is mainly a semi skilled boring job.  They can’t have the grandfathered benefits that their parents and grandparents fought for.  That makes us totally non competitive in the world.  To the point where we need to build massive SUVS to make a profitable car.  GM, Ford, Chrysler aren’t interested in building the cars we need for the future because the profit margin isn’t there for them.  But Fuel efficient, safe, sustainable cars need not be Yugo’s.  While now dated the Chrysler PT Cruiser was a retro’d econobox that was fun to drive, fun to look at, and got decent millage. Chrysler sold a ton of them, and it leaked out later after they were so popular they were priced too low.  They could have easily tacked another 2 grand on the price and got it.  The whole next generation of drivers coming up has been brought up on tuners, slicked up Honda’s, Toyotas, and Mitsubishi’s.  They won’t be looking for condos on wheels.

Well it’s late, this is probably too long to be read by most but I’ll try to wrap it up.   If we do bail out the Auto industry the money has to come with many hooks.  It can’t be business as usual.  I think it can’t be done fast, that will just throw the money away.  They need meetings of the best minds in the business, and in business and places like the MIT Think tanks to come up with out of the box ideas.  The one I’ve heard that seems really plausible is Just in Time building, not building thousands ahead.  Reduce the number of lines.  We lost Oldsmobile, and the world still turned.  Chrysler dropped Plymouth.  We don’t need Chevy & GMC Trucks.  We don’t need Similar sedans marketed as Chevy, Buick, and Pontiac.  Same for Ford / and Mercury, though the Mercury girl is hot!.   What do you think ?  America has lost probably over a hundred car manufacturers in the past 100 years.  Companies go out of business all the time.  But this is big.  It’s one of the few things we do still make in America.  We can’t all be paper pushers.  Countries excell when they employ people making things, that other people need.  If not cars, then what?  Thanks for taking your time.  Please do respond, Spiney

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