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I woke up to shocking news this morning. My cousin’s 16 year old son, Ian died of the swine flu. He was a strong, healthy 16 year old. I had just talked to him last night via email about playing the drums. He was bummed because he couldn’t play this week because he was sick.

I tried to get a regular seasonal flu shot this week. In fact I’ve tried for the past two weeks. No one has them available. The local Sam’s club had what was a very limited supply this morning. They ran out in 10-15 minutes and throngs were turned away.

Every day we are warned on the TV, radio, net, newspapers of the coming pandemic and we better get our flu shot. Yet there are none to be had. Because of some screw up at the lab they had to destroy a large batch of seasonal flu vaccine. And the manufacturing of the H1N1 is going much slower than they think.

This is coming from the same government that wants to take over the health care industry. They feel they can do it better than the free market. Yet the swine flu and seasonal flu shots are coordinated by the CDC, the Center for Disease Control. If they can’t get this right, and they have seen it coming for at least 2 years, how can they take over the whole health care industry?

This blog entry is dedicated to Ian Hinkle, age 16 of Weatherly, PA.


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After busting on Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol for the past year. Saying Sarah looked like a slutty stewardess, and joking about A-rod of the NY Yankees knocking up her daughter it is good to see him get a taste of his own medicine last night. He confessed to multiple sexual affairs with multiple female employees because he was responding to a blackmail charge. He made a joke out of it, but here a married man with a child confessed to this. People in glass houses…   That’s what Spiney thinks, what do you think?

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