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I’ve been following the coverage of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. I remember it well. I was 9 at the time and just glued to the TV even though it was summer and I was a kid. I was mesmerized by all of the Space Program. It inspired me and many of my class mates to study science, take up a technical career. I built and flew and lost many an ESTES Model Rocket. It really gave my generation something to be proud of, to see a future in, and aspire to.  Buzz Aldrin and Niel Armstrong said they were inspired by the WWII aviators and the test pilots, that’s what made them want to fly and sign up for the Space Program. People from my generation were inspired by the Astronauts. In 2010 the last space Shuttle mission takes off and then that’s it.  There is nothing in the pipeline for quite awhile. For all the money wev’e spent on bailouts and the Iraq war we could have a permanent colony on the Moon.  Many, Many technological advancements that we take for granted came about because of the space program. What is there to fire up our imagination and inspire us today? Does anyone else feel that the USA has really lost it’s place as a world leader. Today it seems all we do is support the growth of China as we go after the cheapest items we can get. China plans on putting men on the moon and they’ll do it with our money. If we even took the vision and the drive we had for the Moon Mission and really went all out for energy independence, it would give us an exciting goal.  I think there is just too much divisiveness in the country today to get behind a grand common goal. Everyone has an ulterior (sp?) motive up their sleeve.  Well I’ll get down off my soapbox. What do you think?  Thanks, Spiney


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Tonight at 7pm a giant in the TV industry passed away. CBS anchor Walter Cronkite. He was known to many as Uncle Walter because he was part of your evening routine every night during or after supper you sat down to watch the CBS evening news with Walter Cronkite. He was the Anchor from 1961 until forced to retire because of his age in 1981. He still had many good years left. Walter delivered the news with the authority of someone who actually understood it. He wasn’t just a Handsome or Pretty Talking Head like most of those on TV today. He had been a reporter since WWII and covered every significant event including D-day, The end of WWII, The Korean War, The Cold War, The Vietnam War, The Kennedy assassinations, All of the important Space program items including the 1st Moon Landing, The Civil Rights struggle, the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Watergate, and all of the Presidential conventions and elections. He was once voted the most trusted man in America.  Unlike most TV anchors of today he reported the news, he did not give you his opinion of the news. That’s what made him trusted. There is no one like him today and there may never be another. Today the Anchors and the networks are more interested in ratings, and image. Hair is more important than what’s underneath it. Goodbye Walter, you sure will be missed.  Spiney

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The economy hasn’t looked as rosy as the President had hoped it would by now. The $870 Billion Dollar Stimulus package that had to be pushed through without being read was supposed to save 3 million jobs, or maybe even create new jobs. But the results have not been what was promised. For one thing there were supposed to be mostly “Shovel Ready” projects out there that would immediately create jobs and help turn around the economy. So the Stimulus Package was pushed through and signed in record time, because we would all suffer if it wasn’t. Well here we are 4 almost 5 months later. The latest Jobs report had the number of unemployed greater than expected. That pushed the national average to 9.5%. In several areas including California, Michigan, and Nevada it’s much higher. Some areas are as high as 19%. We’ve seen Chrysler and GM bailed out, only to go into the Bankruptcy we were told we were avoiding by bailing them out to the tune of over 25 Billion dollars. So now the President and his key economic advisers are starting to drop hints that we may need a second stimulus. If you ask me it was in the plan all along. There should be No talk of a second stimulus at this time. The President himself agrees that only 10% of the 1st stimulus has been spent and put into action. So why would we even be talking about putting America further into debt with a second. Give the first one time to take effect. If something is holding up the money or the jobs, then treat it like a wartime effort, find out what’s in the way and get around it. But PLEASE DO NOT put us deeper in debt just for the sake of doing something. I ask anyone who reads this to please watch the news, read the papers, and let your representatives know you do not want to put your country, yourself, and your kids further in debt. This will only make the USA weaker in the world, put us more in debt to the Chinese, and raise your taxes through the stratosphere. It is time to take away the government Credit Cards. What do you think?

Please let me know. Thanks, Spiney

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