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Well there seems to be some outrage over Adam Lambert not winning the title 2009 American Idol.  Here is my take on it, for what it’s worth. They are both very good in their own different way.  Kris is a good singer / musician who will do well.  Adam is an incredible entertainer / singer who will go the way of Daughtry and be a smashing success. As the past has proven you need not be the title winner to do well, and just getting the title does not guarantee success. The have been winners who are hardly ever heard from again. Reuben may be the velvet teddy bear but he’s not been a commercial success. Clay Aiken came in as number 2 and has been a commercial success ever since. He may not be on the radio everyday, but he has a strong following and sells out personal appearances. The original Idol Kelly Clarkson has been a Star since winning and Justin who? fell into the abyss. I got to see Kelly with Reba McEntire last summer. She was incredible. Clive Davis may not have liked “My December” but it became a Gold Album for her.  The “Somewhere over the Rainbow Girl” , Kathryn McPhee, got over there and has not been heard from since. Then you have standouts like Ms. Jennifer Hudson and incredible breakout stars like  Carrie Underwood.  And who knew Kellie Pickler would have a career. Not winning will probably be the best thing ever to happen to Adam, just like it was for Daughtry. Even more than Daughtry, Adam got the publicity and exposure to ride it out all the way to the end. He got the car, he Will have a contract, and he wont be confined to the box that is the Idol and have to sing the dreadful song. Kara having written many hit pop songs, I expected we would finally get a decent song.  With all the Millions if not Billions by now that Idol, 19 entertainment makes by now you think they could buy a hit song.  Back to Adam. He may end up being THE Most Successful Idol Contestant Ever.  He can sing, he has commanding stage presence, he can do Broadway, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see him in film. You can’t say that of many other Idols.  He has great Crossover potential. His songs are already The Most Downloaded on Itunes of any Idol this Season.  He could release “Mad World” tomorrow and it would be a Radio Hit, and has the potential for a very cool Video. My Mother-in-law who is 68 just melts we she hears that song and sees him in his trench coat. She said she hasn’t been this excited about a singer since Elvis died. So he has a pretty broad fan base. So don’t cry for Adam. Now to Kris, I’m glad he got the title.  He worked very very hard, and came up from behind like an underdog horse in the derby. Plus he seems like a genuine nice guy. He too will do very well. The biggest problem for him will be the strain it will put on his still new marriage. Seems just like they forgot, Adam wasn’t batting for their team, all the Tweenster girls who voted Kris in overlooked he’s still a newlywed. Having once been an early something newlywed, all those hours apart can be brutal. I waited 7 years to marry my high school sweetheart, and working 80 hour weeks, killed our marriage after just one year. I hope and pray that Kris and his wife have a strong relationship. He will have girls throwing themselves at him for a long time. Finally Gokey & Allison will get the recording contracts they deserve, as will a few of the others from season 8. I felt that Allison didn’t have a fair chance since Tween Girls are the majority of voters running up their cell bills. She has an incredible voice for a 17 year old girl. We have not seen the last of her.  And Gokey deserves success.  Not because he’s a widower, but because he has talent, pulled himself up from a devastating blow, and kept winning with class all the way.  And yes because of his convictions and acts, he has God on his side. I have tickets to see the tour in Reading PA on Sept 8th. If summers got to end, that’s a beautiful consolation prize to look forward to. Dave

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