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Today the news shows announced it as a bombshell, and a big surprise that PA Senator Arlen Specter switched from being a lifetime republican to the democratic party. This is no big surprise. This is a senator finally being honest. as one of only three republicans who voted for the $849 billion dollar stimulus package senator Specter has often sided with the democratic party. He has won so many times because in the general election he gets votes not only from the republicans but also from many democrats. He switched parties because by his own admission he would not win the PA primary election if he ran as a republican because so many republicans are mad at his stimulus vote, and he has strong opposition in challenger Pat Toomey. This does tip the balance of power even more to a filibuster proof majority for the democrats in congress, but since senator Specter voted with the democrats most of the time, it’s no real loss. What do you think? Spiney

Ps I do want to add that I do commend and look up to Senater Specter for fighting and beating cancer twice, and continuing to work, the whole time. Especially since he was in his 60’s and late 70’s at the time. He is now 80 years old. I can’t say that many people would have the fight and the drive to fight cancer, go through Chemo, and show up to work and vote almost 100% of the time. You have to give him kudo’s for that, he is a fighter.

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Glen Beck is a Libertarian Talk Show Host and commentator on Fox News Channel. He has been on the radio for about 10 years or more, and was formerly on CNN for a couple of years. He is not a far right conservative or far left liberal. If anything he is an American who is concerned that we are heading away from what our Founding Fathers believed in. Today on his Show at 5pm Friday he had a special called “History Destined to Repeat Itself”
The premise is that we are heading towards Fascism. Now before you stop reading and think he is just out to bash Barack Obama, he states outright that we were started on this path by George Bush, and even long before that by Presidents Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. All I ask is you watch it, or Tape/Tivo it and watch it when you can. If you are a student of history, are concerned about the future of your country for yourself and your children, please watch it with an open mind. Then decide for yourself if it makes sense. It will Re-Run tonight at 2am and also 2X over the weekend. You can find out more about Glen and the Books and information he references at Glenbeck.com Thanks, Spiney Dave

Here is a 10 minute video snippet of the show
. But I urge you to watch the complete show. It will re broadcast at 5pm on Fox News Network on Sat and Sunday.

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